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Brian Taylor

What of the night” has come about because of the times we live in. As Christianity and Christian ethics are driven out of society we are seeing a collapse of integrity. Goggle is no exception as it has turned into a shopping channel. It goes out of it's way to suppress any thing or anyone who interferes with it's profit making. Most Christian sites become casualties in this drive for money.


In Isaiah 21 11-12 Watchman, what of the night. The question is asked of the watchman is how far through the night are we? He replies morning is coming but we are still in the night. Come back again and ask. Our aim is to be a hub where we can redirect you to sites that can give you information. For the most part we feel this is not our calling to make the judgement of content on sites. We are acting as a facilitator for the many wonderful sites others saints have developed. These sites are the watchmen , I am trying to build the best tower I possibly can for the watchmen to stand on. We also want to encourage Christian sites to help each other by linking to each other. By doing this we can escape the Googlesphere and greatly increase the visits to our sites.


Secondly, we want to be a home for Christians to go to where there is news and be able to seek other information. A tower where there is safety. If your children want to do a study they can find large quantities of information and not get bombarded with rubbish. Once again by redirecting to wonderfully blessed sites. The sites will mainly be Christian but to keep us up to date with what is happening in the world there will be secular news sites.


My name is Warwick Frederikson and I am the founding director of WOTN. I attend the Church of The Saviour, an Anglican church, in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Even though much of the leadership of the Anglican (Episcopal) Church has lost their faith there are still many true believers with in our denomination. I would like to count myself as one of these. I believe that Jesus is Lord, that he died for my sins and that though faith in him I can gain eternal life. That the Bible is the work of the Holy Spirit through men. That it means what it says.


This is not to be an Anglican site but a site for all from Pentecostal to Catholic. The development of this site will be an ongoing exercise. If you like what we are doing and feel you could help do not hesitate to contact us.


God bless you all.



For a more in depth view of my Philosophies click the video below.


Site Objectives

What of the night is designed to give Christians easy access to a good range of sites. On the internet there are more and more great sites produced by wonderfully blessed Christian brothers and sisters. We feel this is a far better way to search than a Google search. The number of sites we have now is just a beginning. We in no way formally agree or disagree with any content on the sites. The main objective is to vastly improve the amount of hits that sites are getting. The secondary objective is to keep people informed as we head into the end of the age. To help in this we have included a page of ordinary news sites. The boxy approach is for ease of use from cell phone and smart TVs.

God bless you  Warwick

charisma news

Tortured Evangelist Supernaturally Escapes High-Security Prison by Simply Walking Out

Liu Zhenying fell to the floor convulsing, his frail body coursing with electricity. Prison guards, electric-shock batons in hand, stepped back

unashamedly as he lost consciousness. Inside Nanyang Prison, located in China's Henan Province, 25-year-old Liu was beginning the 75th dayof his fast from both food and water......More


Vatican Releases Tone-Deaf Image of Pope Francis Laughing With Cardinals at Sex Abuse Meeting

Twitter was sent into meltdown Thursday when the Vatican released an official image of Pope Francis meeting with US cardinals and bishops

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Daughter of imprisoned Iranian pastor speaks out ahead of appeal: “It’s not a sin nor a crime or against

 national security to gather at a home and pray”

  An Iranian Christian whose father, mother and brother have all been handed jail terms has spoken out against their verdicts. Ahead of a

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The Vatican’s photo blunder shows media reform is still a work in progress

Some Vatican staff shared the public's dismay at the image - but by then it was too late. A pair of photographs released by the Vatican – one in

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China Closes One of Beijing's Largest Churches Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Christianity

The growing crack-down on unofficial churches in China deepened on Sunday (Sept. 9) when authorities closed one of the largest churches in Beijing, according to reports. The Beijing Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau informed Zion Church that it was "legally banned" for organizing events without registering as an official Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church, ....More

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NEW ZEALAND: Anglican church leaders resign over Anglican decision on same-sex blessings

A Blenheim minister and his two assistant pastors have resigned over the Anglican Church's decision to allow blessings of same-sex married couples. St Christopher's Church minister Sam Anderson said he intended to leave the Anglican Church of New Zealand altogether, saying.....More

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The Left's Attack On Mike Pence Exposes It's True Agenda

We know why President Trump is so hated. We've heard it time and again. The man is out of control. He's a threat to national security. He has damaged our international standing. He's unstable. He's volatile. He's in totally over

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3 Women in the Bible Who Took a Big Risk

Risk-takers. They’re willing to kick fear aside and take on challenges, regardless of the outcome. They say yes without hesitation. And when a

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In The Philippines, Mindanao Christians present ‘policy agenda’ for new Muslim region

Christian leaders have submitted a “Christian policy agenda” to the transitory body that will facilitate the formation of a new autonomous Muslim region in the southern Philippines, reports the Catholic news website UCAN. The agenda, put together after consultations last month in several areas set to become part of the new region, was handed to the leader of the Philippines’ largest Muslim rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), by the Archbishop of Cotabato......more

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Turkey replaces prosecutor who indicted US pastor Brunson

At the outset last week of Turkey’s new judicial year, the Izmir prosecutor who prepared the controversial indictment accusing US pastor Andrew Brunson of terrorism and espionage was reassigned to another bureau..More

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Pastor Andrew Stoecklein and Our Problem with Perfectionism—The Ultimate Self-Sabotage

No matter the magnitude or frequency of our achievements; no matter how many testimonies we have shared or witnessed, we remain at our core, fragile! In an instant, we can turn from happy to sad, confident to inadequate, hopeful to doubting, healthy to sick.....More

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SA media companies respond magnificently to ‘It’s Time Pretoria’ billboard challenge

Former Springbok rugby player and media company boss Warren Brosnihan issued a challenge last week to media and billboard

companies to get behind the It’s Time Pretoria event on October 27 by sponsoring media space for what is expected to be the biggest prayer gathering ever seen in South Africa.....More