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 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

What of the night” has come about because of the times we live in. As Christianity and Christian ethics are driven out of society we are seeing a collapse of integrity. Goggle is no exception as it has turned into a shopping channel. It goes out of it's way to suppress any thing or anyone who interferes with it's profit making. Most Christian sites become casualties in this drive for money.


In Isaiah 21 11-12 Watchman, what of the night. The question is asked of the watchman is how far through the night are we? He replies morning is coming but we are still in the night. Come back again and ask. Our aim is to be a hub where we can redirect you to sites that can give you information. For the most part we feel this is not our calling to make the judgement of content on sites. We are acting as a facilitator for the many wonderful sites others saints have developed. These sites are the watchmen , I am trying to build the best tower I possibly can for the watchmen to stand on. We also want to encourage Christian sites to help each other by linking to each other. By doing this we can escape the Googlesphere and greatly increase the visits to our sites.


Secondly, we want to be a home for Christians to go to where there is news and be able to seek other information. A tower where there is safety. If your children want to do a study they can find large quantities of information and not get bombarded with rubbish. Once again by redirecting to wonderfully blessed sites. The sites will mainly be Christian but to keep us up to date with what is happening in the world there will be secular news sites.


My name is Warwick Frederikson and I am the founding director of WOTN. I attend the Church of The Saviour, an Anglican church, in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Even though much of the leadership of the Anglican (Episcopal) Church has lost their faith there are still many true believers with in our denomination. I would like to count myself as one of these. I believe that Jesus is Lord, that he died for my sins and that though faith in him I can gain eternal life. That the Bible is the work of the Holy Spirit through men. That it means what it says.


This is not to be an Anglican site but a site for all from Pentecostal to Catholic. The development of this site will be an ongoing exercise. If you like what we are doing and feel you could help do not hesitate to contact us.


God bless you all.



For a more in depth view of my Philosophies click the video below.


Site Objectives

What of the night is designed to give Christians easy access to a good range of sites. On the internet there are more and more great sites produced by wonderfully blessed Christian brothers and sisters. We feel this is a far better way to search than a Google search. The number of sites we have now is just a beginning. We in no way formally agree or disagree with any content on the sites. The main objective is to vastly improve the amount of hits that sites are getting. The secondary objective is to keep people informed as we head into the end of the age. To help in this we have included a page of ordinary news sites. The boxy approach is for ease of use from cell phone and smart TVs.

God bless you  Warwick

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This Acts 6 Strategy Will Relieve Your Stress

Kyle Winkler cautions believers to make sure that you are doing the work God has truly called you to—and not stressing yourself out with things He has not placed before you. In a sermon, he uses Acts 6 as an example of this principle in action.

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Rise in crimes against churches in France shock Catholics

  Catholics are mystified by a sudden rise in attacks on sacred buildings. Vandalism, theft, arson and other increasing attacks on churches in France have led to debates about their causes, amid shock to the community, questions about the perpetrators, and debates over what the attacks might mean about French culture and the place of Christianity.........more

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The Equality Act Will Harm Religious Freedom

Supporters of the Equality Act claim it will increase equality in America, but it will actually harm one of the most fundamental rights we all share as Americans -- religious freedom. It purports to ban discrimination, but it actually bans disagreement. If passed, the law will damage not only the priceless American achievement of religious freedom for all.......More

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Cricket World Cup nations with very little religious freedom

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is moving toward a climax and many of us have chosen our favourite teams (though sadly the Proteas are out of the competition) and cricketers around the world.

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One-Fifth of All Churches in the Netherlands Are No Longer Being Used as Houses of Worship

 Over a fifth of all churches in the European nation of the Netherlands are no longer being used as places of worship, according to research conducted by a Dutch newspaper. Despite being a traditionally Christian country – in the late 19th century roughly 60% of the population were active Protestants – Holland has seen a rapid decline.....More


Vatican says states cannot force priests to violate seal of confession

The Vatican on Monday reaffirmed Catholic teaching that priests cannot reveal what they learn in confession, in an apparent response to moves in Australia and elsewhere to force them to do so in cases of sexual abuse. A document from the Vatican's Apostolic Penitentiary, which deals with issues of the sacrament of confession, said no government or law could force clergy to violate the seal "because this duty comes directly from God."........more


Ukraine: Then and Now

 Then it was Sigismund III and his followers—furious ideological enemies of Orthodoxy. Today even more despicably it is the “democratic” government in Ukraine, where the Church and state are separate by law and religious partiality is in principle contraindicated to a president by the Constitution. And it is very hard, I’ll tell you, to go against the government’s pressure.......More

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Egypt PM says places of worship must not be “disposed of” as 127 more churches legalised

 Churches and church affiliated buildings licensed for worship in Egypt cannot be “disposed of” or used in any other way, ruled Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli on 1 July when another 127 church buildings were granted legal status.

The new batch of approvals by the cabinet-approved committee brings the total number of church buildings licensed under the new Law for Building and Restoring Churches to 1,021.....More

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Henan Government Draws ‘Red Line’ Hinders Christian Development

The Chinese government continues to regulate religious activities within the borders and gives out orders to strictly forbid the Christian community in Henan to evangelize to minors. By doing so, the Henan government draws "a red line" to hinder the development of Christianity.

Forbid the Christian Community to Evangelize to Minors. Henan Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and Henan Catholic Administration Commission issued a circular on April 3rd requesting all venues for religious activities to stop holding educational training for minors......More

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5 Bible verses for Christian investors

Did you consult the Bible before you bought into your investment portfolio?That may seem like a strange question, but the Bible has a lot to say to Christians about how to manage investments with both financial and moral implications. Thankfully, in recent years there has been a resurgence of attention paid to the importance of applying the Bible’s commands and wisdom to our personal investment decisions.....More