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The saints who are involved in End Time Ministries are at the cutting edge of our Christian walk. These people are subject all kinds of slander and danger. They are exposing the work of Satan in a way that no other ministries can. Most saints believe that we are racing into the end of the age and we are told a lot about the way these events will pan out. So below are sites that keep up with the events and will keep you informed. They don't always agree but read a few of them and you will not be taken by surprise as events unfold.

Examining current events from a biblical perspective
Understand the end times
Spiritual insights into the new world order
The Trumpet
Whatofthenight End Times End time news

charisma news

Teo Hayashi Talks Spirit-Filled Explosion in South America

The Holy Spirit is moving among this generation in miraculous ways. Charisma reached out to nine "new voices" who are advancing the kingdom of God around the world. Each story is featured in Charisma January issue, and we've posted the transcripts below. ...More


What I Hope I Teach My Daughters About Worth And Beauty

“Momma, I need some lips,” my 3.5-year-old daughter Hannah exclaims while we are shopping the aisles at our grocery store. “Lips” is our word for lipstick. She heads over to the makeup section and grabs a lipstick off the shelf. “I need this one,” she says.....MORE

barnabas fund

Christmas Eve terror attack in Pakistan foiled by police

   Police in Pakistan foiled an attempted terrorist attack on Christmas celebrations in Karachi after a shootout on 24 December 2018. Arms and

ammunition were seized from five suspected terrorists taken into custody in Mobina Town after the police intervention prevented their bid to violently disrupt Christmas celebrations,.....More

the catholic herald

Will Charles be the disestablishment king?

 The Prince of Wales is likely to shake up English Christianity when he becomes monarch. Last year saw an important milestone in the history

 of the British Royal Family. Prince Charles, the eldest son and heir to the Queen, celebrated his 70th birthday. This being a royal celebration,

 it was unlike.......more

Gospel Herald

Hundreds of Chinese Christians Stop Government Officials from Breaking Into Church

After government agents attempted to break into a church in China's Henan Province, hundreds of church members successfully intervened, praying and stopping them from entering the building. Persecution watchdog China Aid reports that on September 9, approximately 100 agents from the religious affairs and public security bureaus attempted to break into Dali Church, located in Zhengzhou, Henan......More

virtue online


You don't need to be a fan of the vintage British political sitcom Yes Minister to understand how government reviews are instruments of inertia, damage control, public relations, virtue signaling, obfuscation and a surrogate for action. As the smooth-tongued civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes Minister puts it: ....More

prophecy news watch

The Unreliable Sunni Alliance Will Not Lead To Peace

In recent weeks, officials in Israel, the United States and the Arab world have been more outspoken about an emerging alliance between Israel and Sunni Arab countries, welcomed and encouraged by the Americans. Such an alliance is supposedly a counterweight to Iranian expansion;

in reality,....More

israel today

Why It's Complicated Being a Messianic Jew During Election Season

The political fabric of the State of Israel is more complicated than many may realize, and it becomes more so if you’re a believer in Yeshua. With the upcoming elections, a lot of questions have popped up for Messianic voters in the Land. One might assume that if you’re a Believer, you must support the conservative party, but then you must ask, which conservative party? Unlike in America, there are ....More


Human trafficking worsens in conflict zones as militants deploy slaves - UN

Human trafficking is becoming more "horrific" in conflict zones, where armed groups keep women as sex slaves and use child soldiers to spread

fear, the United Nations said on Monday, warning of widespread impunity. From girls forced to wed to boys made to cook and clean, militants are using trafficking as a tool to boost their control .....more

world watch monitor

Argentinian pastor’s fight for religious freedom goes on

It has been almost 12 months since Argentinian pastor Marcelo Nieva survived an assassination attempt. World Watch Monitor first met Nieva, 36, five months earlier, in May 2014, when he said that the introduction of a state law in August 2013 purporting to safeguard religious freedom was having the opposite effect.......More

Christian examiner

Selena Gomez learned about sex trafficking horrors: girls crawling over bodies, being sold for $6

Singer Selena Gomez learned firsthand about some of the horrifying atrocities of sexual trafficking during her A21 internship, Christian author Ann Voskamp revealed. Gomez, who opened up about her volunteer work with the global anti–human trafficking nonprofit...More

gateway news

Muslims in Kenya give Christian family one day to return to Islam

Muslims in southeast Kenya have given a family that put their faith in Christ this month one day to return to Islam or be killed, UG Christian News has learnt. Muslim leaders at the Sera mosque announced the family’s punishment for leaving Islam during Friday prayers on November 9 2018......More