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500 ft tall Tsunami.


Never been a great fan of Steve Quayle. A number of things he promotes are clearly wrong. However, this time he is covering a subject well prophesied about by many well respected preachers of the past. He has a lot of really interesting information about fault lines and seismic active that is very informative.

 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

Identity of Schiff's Whistle blower.


This is the strangest of tales and it just got a lot stranger. In Alinski's rules for Radicals if you get caught doing something you accuse the people catching you of doing that very same thing. But this is different in that what Biden did was shown coming out of his own mouth. Now the so called whistle blower is actually from within the deep state. If this blows up in the Democrats faces they will not just lose their eyebrows but will surely blow their heads of.


Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch must truly be the most hated organisation in the USA by the deep state criminals. Here he goes again tormenting the wicked. Enjoy.

The US Dollar Rejection is to Accelerate.

Rob Kirby is an experienced financial commentator with a very popular website, Kirby Analytics. He covers a number of economic subjects but what caught my eye was his covering of the de-dollarization of the world trade. How trade is now being paid for between China, Russia and India. This caused India to come into conflict the USA and this is unfolding but India is going east.

Benghazi Declassified

I do not follow Justin much because he is a Q anon follower. I though Q would be consigned to the pages of history by now. However, it is still going strong and if anything getting stronger. Mind you I was not fond of Q because I always believed that this movement was going to be betrayed by Donald Trump.

  This video is away6 from his standard video and very interesting .

Democrats Panic.

This is a popular headline and if you were to believe them the Democrats would hardly have time sleep. I doubt whether they would be panicing but it is a worry. If the Mainstream Media is to be believed everybody in the USA hates Trump. Alas for the Democrats the old adage "follow the money" tells another story about the popularity of Trump.

DOJ Barr and Durham close in on Brennan, Clapper and Comey.

When you hear of how these villains in the USA are going to be arrested you just shrug your shoulders and say Yea Yea sure. This time I stopped and took a second look because this time it was the Duran. They look at a number of interesting bit of new information. The other day I saw that the number of sealed indictments has continued to increase. 124,000 and counting.

The Shocking Use of Fisa Court by Obama.

I do not agree with some of the ideas put forward  but he has a cold, piecing view of the facts surrounding the Fisa abuse is very refreshing. A straight look at the facts and what the outcome of these facts should be.

Paper a Ghost of Money

This episode of the Keiser Report is a packed full of interesting financial information. Max and Tracy do a analogy of paper money using Halloween. He then speaks with Ross Ashcroft the director of the Four Horsemen a film about banking corruption. They discuss the hopelessly criminal state of the English banking system that goes all the way to Carney at the Bank of England. You may have to go through this video twice to clean all the information.

Greg Hunter and USA Watchdog

Usually look at financial matters. Kevin Shipp is an ex CIA operator and a man who has good insight into Geo Political matters and the criminal  activity that is hidden behind the curtain. He covers the Ukraine situation to some extent and give some very different information than what the main stream media is spouting. In the war against humanity being waged by an elite it is good to know there are good people on our side.

Sweden, paradise lost.

The use of this poor little autistic girl as a front person for the Climate Change hoax. Although hoax may be a little harsh because there is going to be dramatic climate change, it is just nothing to do with carbon. The use is both sad and pitiful. When this young girl was saying how dare you steal her future she was not talking to the world but her parents. Not all young women in Sweden are  foolish. Here is one who anything but. One telling us about Sweden, paradise lost.