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The situation in Iran is most interesting. It is like they both have people who want war and both have people who don't. The Earlier attacks on ships were clearly false flags The last attack was probably but may not have been. The shooting down of the stealth spy drone. They are showing that they can shoot down any Aircraft  even the latest stealth drone.

 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

Journey to the end of the universe.

( I do not think the Universe has an end)

This is a interesting journey through the amazing universe that houses our planet. I have seen plans for a Space vehicle engine that will increase sped perpetually. It used manipulation of centrifugal forces. The rotation that created the force was relatively perpetual. It used magnetic fields. It also increased speeds faster than this model.

Australian Housing and Economy.


With a daugther moving to Melbourne I have a greater interest in the Australian Markets. There is going to be an unchangeable decent into chaos. The steps are plain to see. The problems are not being solved by current policies and there will be this gradual decnt into chaos. The votes at election will turn against the main two parties. They well then start changing the votes to keep themselves in power. That will lead to rebelion and violence. That is the main reason they are removing guns from people in Australia and New Zealand.

Douglas Murry Interview by Trigger-Nometry

A modern thinker and excellent speaker Douglas gives an great  interview. Douglas is a bit of a paradox with what is essentially a Christian world view but is not a Christian. A number of subjects are covered but the main one is the dishonesty of the media these days and the consequences of this post truth world.....More