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The New American all ways has informative stories and interviews. This one is about the deep state and what they really are and what they are up to.

The plan to enslave us. China, the social credit score, totalitarian politics and what evil and wickedness is. It is only short but packs enough information to blow your socks off.

 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

China has been the golden boy of world economic growth. The Chinese have, justifiably, been accused of behaving in an criminal fashion. The result  is that Donald Trump has got into conflict with them. China's real problem is it has no proper justice system resulting in people in power doing what they want. There are firms that try to keep track of all the misdeeds and report to the public. This interview is with an employee of one of these companies. Prepare to be a little astounded.

A Japanese Banking Crisis.

Nearly forty years ago a man called David Willkerson of Cross and the Switch Blade fame had a prophecy about the run in to the end of the age. He spoke of financial chaos that  put all the pieces in place for the last days. He prophesied that this financial chaos would start in Japan spread to Germany and then the entire world. This was at a time when Japan was having golden years and Germany was equally strong. Now before our eyes the impossible is happening. A bit technical but understandable.

Stefan Molynuex is a controversial character who has had crowds demonstrating outside his meetings. It is surprising really for on the whole he is a bit pompous and boring. The title of The Revolt against Intelligence is a bit misleading. However, it is an interesting view on on intelligent, talent and skill in its various aspects. The benefits people with talents reaches far beyond their own improved life.

Ravi Zacharias is a well known Christian speaker. His preaching is mainly in the realm of Apologetics. The Modernist Philosophy set the stage for the post modernism and the games that are played with words and their lack of relationship with reality. There are no boundary’s for words and basic truths are relegated to myth. So rhetoric becomes more important than logic therefore who ever has mastery of the conversation controls the what is right or wrong.

Ravi is a fantastic speaker and makes this very interesting.

The developed world is on the brink  of a financial and economic collapse.


I know there is a million videos out there about the coming financial troubles. Donald Amstad is an Investment Specialist that does not describe the situation in flowery terms. This comprehensive look at the situation with a very practical  and an easy to understand narrative.

Jordan Peterson Uncensored.


There are many videos of Jordan speaking and interviews with him. Because of his intellect these interviews are often hard to follow and make him look remote and distant. In this interview we can see more of the man and his humanity. This is a surprise because W. Patrick Bet-David is often hard to listen to.

An evening with Tucker Carlson.

Tucker is a most gifted and entertaining speaker. He covers a number of aspects on life in the USA. The rise and the reason for Donald Trumps success is really enlightening. He tells of how the politics of the Republicrat regime caused a revolt amongst the people. They would rather have an immoral, con artist, rebel  than any thing the Democrats or Republicans could put up. Within the USA they saw how stunningly corrupt the politicians were. A thing the rest of the world can now see because of the disruption of their schemes in having a clown prince.

The New Road to Serfdom

Based on The Road to Serfdom a book  by  Friedrich Hayak. A English economist about the failings of  Socialism written in 1945. This video is by  Daniel Hannan an English politician in the EU parliament. It was given in 2011 so it is eight years old but even more relevant today. Hannan's  book is called  The New Road to Serfdom. How the EU is now trying to work out a form of Social Totalitarianism.  Then the resulting failure. He is an excellent speaker and elaborates his points clearly.

The Road to Serfdom is a book by Freidich Hayak. In this talk by Lawrence White he covers the fundamentals . Capitalism vrs Socialism the age old debate which were more relevant back in the forties as there is very  little capitalism in the world today.  The problem  which socialism is that it is an ideology. A utopian ideal that seems great but does not, can not and never will work in the real world. It has been tried again and again and always fails. As Margaret Thacher once said, its OK until you run out of other peoples money to spend. This happened twenty years ago but to over come that problem they just printed money. Now we can not print any more money what's going to happen.