Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come,and worship him who made heaven and earth

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For my Christian viewers this is a little crude.

Mock the Week is a very cleaver panel show with some of the UK's best comics. This is an older show and the subject matter is out of date. However, given these issues this show is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched .

 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor
Dumbing Down America The dumbing down and the brain washing of our children is a world wide phenomenon. It is hard to get statistics on reading standards is hard to come by.. The American figures are stunning. This poor little girl who they dressed up as Pippy Longstockingis a good example of how children are under attack by brain washing. Young Greta Thumberg claimed that Governments are robbing her of her future. That claim clearly goes to some awful parents.

Debunking a Century of War Lies.


This is a video of the false flag events that were used to start or enter into wars. You have probably heard some of these events before. Now watch a whole list of this events. This will be a little disturbing for those who have not heard any of these stories.

The New American all ways has informative stories and interviews. This one is about the deep state and what they really are and what they are up to.

The plan to enslave us. China, the social credit score, totalitarian politics and what evil and wickedness is. It is only short but packs enough information to blow your socks off.

China has been the golden boy of world economic growth. The Chinese have, justifiably, been accused of behaving in an criminal fashion. The result  is that Donald Trump has got into conflict with them. China's real problem is it has no proper justice system resulting in people in power doing what they want. There are firms that try to keep track of all the misdeeds and report to the public. This interview is with an employee of one of these companies. Prepare to be a little astounded.

Stefan Molynuex is a controversial character who has had crowds demonstrating outside his meetings. It is surprising really for on the whole he is a bit pompous and boring. The title of The Revolt against Intelligence is a bit misleading. However, it is an interesting view on on intelligent, talent and skill in its various aspects. The benefits people with talents reaches far beyond their own improved life.

Ravi Zacharias is a well known Christian speaker. His preaching is mainly in the realm of Apologetics. The Modernist Philosophy set the stage for the post modernism and the games that are played with words and their lack of relationship with reality. There are no boundary’s for words and basic truths are relegated to myth. So rhetoric becomes more important than logic therefore who ever has mastery of the conversation controls the what is right or wrong.

Ravi is a fantastic speaker and makes this very interesting.

The developed world is on the brink  of a financial and economic collapse.


I know there is a million videos out there about the coming financial troubles. Donald Amstad is an Investment Specialist that does not describe the situation in flowery terms. This comprehensive look at the situation with a very practical  and an easy to understand narrative.

Jordan Peterson Uncensored.


There are many videos of Jordan speaking and interviews with him. Because of his intellect these interviews are often hard to follow and make him look remote and distant. In this interview we can see more of the man and his humanity. This is a surprise because W. Patrick Bet-David is often hard to listen to.

There is a lot of complaining about how the countries of Europe are getting poorer and poorer. How the Euro has done this is explained in this video. Why any country would have taken on the Euro when it guaranteed the collapse in your economy. This was not had to see so why did the Europeans do this. What levels of corruption within the politicians is there. There is a way out and that is to let the banks go under but in stead of a bail in change the law to do with the shares or the owners. You change the law so the share holders are up for the debts. Exempting the retirement funds. It is a bit long but very helpful.

Ten things you should know about Socialism.

We have a long history of people developing socialist societies falling. In fact there are no successful cases and Communism was a failure with tens of millions dead. So why do we still have groups hell bent of creating the societies again. The lure of the power people get when they rise to the top. Women are drawn to socialism because it is similar to the nest building instincts all women have.

Why telling the truth is so important.


Steve expands on how the coming calamity is going to work in practice. How lying changes our very nature which leads people to commit the most horrendous crimes against humanity. He, like Jordan talks about the insights of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his life under the Communists. How the dehumanizing effect of Globalization work. The cure to which is telling the truth.