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This is a must watch video. Take the name Ireland and change it for the country you live in.









    Hell- The working man's Guide.


Hell is not talked about much because of the negative connotations. Because of this very little is understood about it. So lets delve into it. Firstly, I well look at the place itself, where it is what's it like and who's there. Then secondly or a part two I well look at the four biggest controversies which well be more informative than the controversies themselves. The controversies are once you die you go into the grave and only come out at the resurrection, once saved always saved, How long are people in hell for you do not actually go to hell but are annihilated or you just cease to exist. ........More

 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

Gospel Herald

‘I Can Only Imagine’ Team Reunites for ‘I Still Believe’ Film About Faith-Based Singer Jeremy Camp

The filmmakers behind the record-breaking film "I Can Only Imagine" have announced they're returning to business with "I Still Believe," a film centered on the true life spiritual journey of CCM artist Jeremy Camp. Deadline reports that "I Still Believe" is set to start shooting in the spring and is slated to bow March 20, 2020, as a wide release......More



So do not be embarrassed about the personal affirmation [given us] from our Lord nor of me His prisoner, but suffer [if needs be, the embarrassment and ill-will of others] for the Good News according to the purposes of God, who has redeemed us [reclaiming us and setting us apart] by calling us with a holy calling .....more

The Christian Post

Spiritual Formation in a Digital Age: Why Churches and Ministries Should Invest in Online Education

Through the development of social networks and online learning communities, distance education programs can provide spiritual formation just as effectively as the traditional classroom, an expert in online Christian education has argued. Dr. Mary Lowe, Associate Dean of Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity ....... More

Another Gospel           NG  Part  3

Climate change. The four arguments

As New Zealand’s largest parenting organisation – reaching over 300,000 families every year – they are passionate about walking alongside parents and young people, recognising that every relationship grows stronger with support, encouragement and nurture. The Parenting Place have volunteers in communities all over New Zealand who organise events, facilitate and host Toolbox parenting groups and give generously. There wide range of programmes and services throughout the country are supported from offices in Auckland and Christchurch. The website has a lot of resources that are available to parents across the world with the aid of the internet. The site is clear and easy to use. A top resource.

Into Thy Word is a comprehensive site for studying the word. It has it origins in the Francis Schaeffer ministries. A man with profound understanding of the word of God. It provides not only study guides but study methods and Bible reading plans. There is something for everyone. The resources are suitable for new Christians through to the most mature Christians. The web site is easy to use with easy to follow titles. It also has a book store  where Francis Schaeffer books are available. There is also a forum page for those who wish to discuss subjects of interest in depth with follow Christians. A wonderful resource.

Bible Gateway is one of the most comprehensive site dealing with the various aspects of a Bible site. Not only can you find a comprehensive range of Bibles you can find them in many languages. You can look up a verse or track the subject down by topic. You can find study subjects. The site is easy to to navigate. It does not provide a method to navigate by mouse only but with a small amount of typing you can get where you want to go. It has an excellent app for your phone and I use it all the time to lesson to the bible.One of the best sites around.

What a great resource Bible History is. There is a tremendous range of  subject matter. Support for the Bible student and interesting reading for the browser. As a person who's profession is Sports Turf Management it may seem a little dry. However the person who spent three years studying sport turf management  can lose many hours browsing the information provided. I can recommend this site to all how study the word of God.

Irvin Baxter and End Time Ministries have been around for a long time. Of the End Time sites he is the most accurate. He gets eighty percent the same answers as my own end time site. We only differ in that they think that the beasts of Rev 13 and 17 are the same beast and I think they are two separate Beasts. They go with the Catholic Church being the woman and I go with the USA. Although strictly speaking the USA in the seventh head. Also the rapture. You can not go to far from what is about to happen on this site. Highly recommended.



Let’s look at the 45th chapter of the work of St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain, Unseen Warfare, which speaks of condemning others. Condemnation is a very pleasant occupation for us. However, we must pay attention to this problem, because condemnation is a manifestation of our egotism. If we mercilessly and severely judge our brothers, that means we are full of egotism. ........More