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 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

What lessons are to be learnt from the coming economic collapse.


The world ever so slowly sinking in a mire of debt, lies and corruption. The end will be the rise of the Antichrist and the end of the age. We all have a list what we feel are the main reasons. The first and overriding reason for the collapse is man turning away from God. For interest sake lets look at how this worked out in real life. I know the list is endless but these are my favourites. Some people are going to survive the coming apocalypse.  How would we rebuilt the world and what would be the lessens learnt from the destruction of this world.


There are two big ones that have been equally destructive. They are laws/socialism  and the banking system. I will start with the laws/socialism because it is the heart of the matter and leave banking to the last because fixing the banking system would be the heart of creating a new utopia.



Socialism is the use of the legal system to regulate the population to create an egalitarian society. Political parties are called right or left depending on there attitude to laws. These days there are no right wing or capitalist parties anymore. You only get left wing and extreme left wing parties because they have all flooded society with new laws.. Every western country now has three four and five times the amount of legislation on their books than forty years ago. This massive amount of legislation is like a chain around the neck of our economies and slowly drowning us. Big government has led to big bureaucracies both nationally and local. Local Government takes a lot of stick because they are at the mine face but a lot of what they do has been forced upon then by central government. Whatever the cause this crushing level of of legislation has stopped progress and innovation. Margaret Thatcher once said the trouble with socialism is that you run out of other peoples money to spend. So when they ran out of money did they stop? No they just started printing money in the form of debt. When they got too much debt they lowered the interest rates so they could still afford to create money. That has caused massive bubbles and distortions because only a limited number of people have access to this cheap money. There as now large sections of society thrown into poverty because of the distortions. Margaret Thatcher is also known for the one third two third principle. It does not matter what you do to the one third as long as two thirds are happy. We will cover this more on under lying media.


Fluoride and Statins

Fluoride is a serious poison with many side effects. The first time I came across fluoride being used in water it was during the Second World war. It was used in water as it was found to make the prisoners far more compliant. Germany and Russia used it widely. That is what it is doing today whether by design or by accident. Statins have a similar effect. Fluoride is suppose to protect our teeth but countries that are not using it have had the same fall in tooth decay. This will be caused by better tooth brushes and better tooth paste. I remember as a child in the 1950's having a real problem with the taste of tooth paste. Improvements in tooth brushes and tooth paste both in taste and effectiveness is the real reason why tooth decay has fallen so dramatically.  So, what is the problem with being so placid. Firstly, it is a killer of innovation and enterprise. Also, it is a burden to productivity and even the family environment.  Moms and dads no longer putting the time and dedication into their children.


False statistics

This really came into vogue in the late twentieth century. It goes hand in hand with the rise of the gay movement. As they managed to get more people into power they had to retain power. As we know homosexuality is a major psychological problem and they went from failure to failure. They had to overcome this. If not there agenda of social justice for the gay movement would fail. So they resorting to lying. So when unemployment went up they change the way they read the statistics. This then became wide spread among all sectors of government. Reading unemployment figures is totally corrupted. The other place which has nothing to do with the gay movement is crime figures. A few years ago the world wide fall in crime was heralded as the success for modern policing. Unfortunately it was just another cheating of statistics. This is resulting in, well in New Zealand at least, an underclass of young criminals that are not being dealt with. Governments do everything they can to avoid a crime being registered.

New Zealand or any other country is a business. A business you call something like Australia Incorporated. How can you run your business if you are lying to yourself about the figures. What would happen to Vodaphone if when part of the company was running at a loss and the managing director said he can fix the problem. Walk in changes the accounts by crossing out the cost of sales and putting in a much lower figure. He will be hail as a great business man because the business says it is making money but the business will fail. The same is true of countries and we are currently seeing this all over the world.


Lying Media or the Mocking Bird Press

The Mockingbird press came about when it was exposed that the CIA was supplying fake stories to the press who printed them even though they were fully aware the stories were false. Mockingbird press was a term coined by the CIA. At the moment we are seeing what is going on with the mainstream press and Donald Trump. The level of lying and fake stories has been astonishing. In the States there are very big alternative media outlets telling the truth and the result has been the collapse of some outlets such as CNN. The once mighty CNN reaching 30% of Americans now reaches less than 5%. In New Zealand we have four main providers and everyone has the CNN stories. The same stories that are constantly being shown to be fake. They have been laugh out of existence in the States. Most Kiwis have no idea of what is going on in the world. Any one who is watching Corporate media will also have no idea what's going on. The other propose is to keep the average person unaware of what is real. Then they can create a false narrative.


Secret services

CIA, MI6 etc. are a product of the cold war. Although they really came into existence during WW2. They just had different names. During the cold war they became enormous organization with tens of billion of reported budgets. The true amounts they spend is far in excess of the official budgets. The CIA's official budget is 80 billion dollars but the money they spent on the military coup they organized in the Ukraine was 14 billion dollars. With the end of the cold war what were they going to do to prove their existence was necessary. This has resulted in wars and enemies that are not enemies for example the Russians. The real reason the Russians are regarded as enemies is that they stopped the Globalist Banks from infiltrating their country. They know who these people are and have stopped them at every turn. So hand in hand the CIA and the Globalist have brought us back to the edge of Global destruction. These agencies have tremendous power and power corrupts. They were not willing to give up this power. To fight them is a very dangerous thing. They have no idea of well being for the normal person and the ends justifies the means. They are a sickness of the world with no apparent cure.


Banking System.

There is only one problem that really counts with the banking system. It is the uncontrolled ability to create money. This is free money for the banks to invest and the profit is all theirs. That is why the banks are so keen to have legislation in place to maintain this scam. It was semi controlled but when they got the opportunity to create unlimited amounts of money they took it. That opportunity came with a unbelievably corrupt President of the USA in Bill Clinton. He changed the laws which gave rise  the Derivative Market and unlimited ability to create money. They then drove corrupt politicians to enforce new laws that provided new lending opportunities. The student loan schemes would be top of that list. This great level of debt has continued to increase to higher and higher levels. Unable to pay these loans back the interest rates have fallen lower and lower. This has lead to those people who could access these loans being able to buy more and more fixed assets. These people have then caused bubbles in prices which forced the prices so high people on normal incomes can no longer buy them. If this created money flow should ever stop then average incomes would determine prices and we would get massive price collapses. Since this money was borrowed the banks who lend the money would collapse. So they are forced to print more and more money so the money heroin addict can get its next fix. Except there is the rest of the economy that is getting poorer and poorer. The media manipulation does not work any more and the people are waking up. There is a tidal wave of discontent building up all over the world.


The Sheeple.

The view that the voters are stupid and are easily manipulated. Ninety percent of people are not politically stupid. We all have lives to live and they are generally complex. We take some interest in how our country is doing but do not desire to get involved. We pick people who are interested and will manage things to the best of there ability. If they do well they get re-elected. However there is a point that people become very concerned and start to take action. They start voting people in who are different and Donald Trump would be a prime example. In Venezuela and Greece we are seeing the next stage with rioting. The next stage is open rebellion and civil war. This is why everybody needs to praying that Mr Trump is successful.

An interesting development that we are seeing in the west is the development of election fraud.  New Zealand, Canada, France and the USA have all seen governments get into power through election fraud. I suspect that Germany is about to join the ranks of election fraud.



Nothing more than those who have power defending it by breaking Nations power to rule themselves. The United Nations is heavily involved in this. They just employees of big money. They are at the centre of the Global warming fiasco. Although now that we recognize there is no Global warming we call it climate change. It is the nation state that is the biggest threat to the Global elite. The Paris accord, TTP and TTIP are all aimed at one thing. Making countries compliant to Global laws set by the ruling elite so they can protect themselves.


 New World Order.

The idea of the New World order is a nonsense really. It is not a new world order but an old one. The old families of Europe with maybe one or two new ones from the USA. It is the same families from the past two hundred years. They think they are above the normal person but they have been deluded into doing the devils work. They are in fact pitiful fools that are going to reap an eternity of suffering. One could almost feel sorry for them except for the countless lives they have ended or ruined in there lust for power. If once your sins have been paid for by suffering in hell you are let out the last out will be these truly wicked people. The poor gullible fools.


You may now be saying why I did not cover a subject. Sorry but there is not room in this essay and the truth be known there is not enough room on my entire hard drive to cover the evil that is being inflicted upon us.






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