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charisma news

What Does the Bible Actually Say About Women as Pastors?

Let me begin by saying that I know and appreciate many women who have been recognized as pastors. They are diligent, steadfast and hard-working. Our country has done a great disservice to women over the years by not

elevating and supporting women in roles of leadership.....More

the catholic herald

German bishops announce 'synodal process' on celibacy, sexual morality

The German bishops will discuss priestly celibacy and sexual morality, leading to an as yet undetermined 'binding' outcome. Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising has announced that the Catholic Church in Germany is embarking on a “binding synodal process” to tackle what he says are the three key issues.......more

virtue online

Homosexuals and Women now dominate in the Episcopal Church

It happened again this weekend. The diocese of Maine elected its first openly homosexual to be the next bishop of the New England diocese. On Saturday, in Bangor after three rounds of voting, the Rev. Thomas James Brown, 48, received the majority of votes from 261 clergy members and laypeople. His election will surely be confirmed by other Episcopal dioceses,......More

gateway news

‘Ubuntu’ set to shape world of work

Bulelwa Mokori speaks to proudly-African Kingdom entrepreneur Nicola Middleton. In today’s fiercely competitive global economy, many organisations consider profitability to be the de facto business driver, negating the value of people. Nicola Middleton, founder and president of GodBrands, a young business with a global, Kingdom vision to express God’s love under a unifying banner, said in an interview......More

prophecy news watch

Cyberattacks, Solar Storms & EMP Weapons: U.S. Power Grid Extremely Vulnerable

A lot of Americans are mocking Venezuela right now, but the truth is that what has happened to them could also happen to us very easily. As you will see below, DARPA is so concerned about the possibility of a cyberattack taking down our power grid that they held an extended exercise recreating such a scenario late last year.  And even though scientists tell us that it is inevitable that a "solar tsunami"...More


Death toll from Christchurch terror attack now at 50

The death toll from Friday's terrorist attack on two mosques in the New Zealand city of

Christchurch has been confirmed at 50.Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the death

 toll was revised after all of the victims were removed from the mosques. He said number

of injured was also 50. More than 30 of them remained in Christchurch Hospital. A 28

-year-old Australian man, Brenton Tarrant, was remanded in custod.......more


St. Andrew’s Great Canon: a Rival Voice

Every year during Lent we invite into our churches a great pastor, St. Andrew of Crete, and listen while he leads us in a meditation on sin and repentance. That is, we listen while his Great Canon is chanted, and in response we reply over and over again, “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me!” Some things in this long poetic work might strike some moderns as a bit jarring, if not downright pathological—all this self-flagellation over our sins, this torrent of anguish and self-abhorrence. Is all this really necessary? Is it even healthy? ,........More

Radio Free Europe

Hundreds Of IS Members, Families Surrender In Final Syrian Enclave

Hundreds of Islamic State (IS) militants and family members surrendered as U.S.-backed Syrian rebel forces moved closer to crushing the militants in their final sliver of territory in the eastern part of the country. "Around 1,300 terrorists and their families surrendered to our forces today amid our operations against the terrorist Daesh organization,