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Rev 3-14

Rev 4 & 5

Rev 6

Red Horse War

Black Horse Finance Trade Money

Pale Horse Famine Disease Death

Saints cry out

Great Earthquake

Rev 7

The Great Calm

The 144000 receive their mark

Great multitude in front of the throne

Rev 8 & 9

7 trumpets

The calamities.

One A third of trees burned.

Two.          A mountain into the sea.

Three A comet hits the earth.

Four  A third of the light gone

Eagle cries Woe woe

Five Satan  releases locusts.

Six      200 million man army

Rev 10

Mystery of the seven thunders

Rev 11

The two witnesses prophecy for 1260 days

Rev 12

The woman

The Red Dragon

Rev 13

Another beast. The Anti Christ and the False Prophet


Rev 17

Babylon The Great

and The Beast

The heads

The horns

Rev 18

Leave the cities

Daniel 7

Rev 14

Fear God The cry of the 144000

Fallen Fallen is Babylon

The angel with a sickle

Babylon Judged

First call

Rev 15 & 16

Rev 19

Tribulation begins

Seven bowls of wrath


Festering sores

Two  Sea poisoned


Rivers poisoned

The white Rider

Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who made heaven and earth. The 144000.












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