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The Last rulers of the world


This is not suppose to be a divine prophecy but a speculation on the characters involved in the end of the age. The last king of Israel is really out there but interesting. I pray you find this blog interesting and thought provoking. You may even find it informative.



The Last Pope

The last Pope has been  written about a lot. This is the prophecy of a Irish Priest, Saint Malachy who had a vision of all the Popes on a visit to Rome. He saw all the Popes that were to come and there where 112 of them. His prophecies were just short statements about there personalities. They were always accurate. The last two Popes were very accurate. John Paul 11 was described as "Of the solar eclipse" and he was born on a solar eclipse and was buried on a solar eclipse.  Pope Francis is 112. He is called Peter the Roman. Even though be was a Priest in Argentina his heritage was Italian. The title that he calls himself is the Bishop of Rome as the Apostle Peter was called. Malachy described the last pope as Petrus Romanus or Peter of Rome. There is a question as to whether he is the 112 Pope and whether he is Pope at all. The Pope is really a Pope for life and so long as Pope Benedict is alive Francis is only an acting Pope. If Francis goes before his death then the next Pope could be number 112. Although one interesting point. Pope Francis has branded himself after St Francis of Assisi, an Italian (Roman) priest whose birth name was actually Giovanni Di Pietro (Peter) di Bernadone. Literally, Peter the Roman.



The last Christian King

This title goes to Valdmir Putin. The mainstream media in the west has portrayed him as evil but the very opposite is true. He is a Christian and many of his closest advisers are Christian as well. As a young man he had an encounter with God that set him on his path to the last Christian King, You will often see the Russian Orthodox Patriarch with him at official sermonises.  He carries a Christian cross with him always. He stands alone in this evil world against wickedness. He is called all kinds of names because of his views on homosexuality and political correctness. The name he should be called is chosen. We should all be praying for him for once he is removed wickedness can reign unchecked. In fact in Revelations it says wickedness is being held back until a certain person is removed. We often hear this is the Holy Spirit but that's not possible for a number of reasons. I think it is Putin that is holding back the darkness. For all that Vladimir has done for Christianity I pray that his removal will be like Elijah and a chariot of fire. There has been a tremendous revival of Christian faith in Russia under his reign. This revival and the outreach from this revival was prophesied by the famous missionary Hudson Taylor. While preaching at church on a visit back from China he suddenly stopped. After a short while he said to the congregation that he had just had a vision of the end time and the return of Jesus. He described the revival in Russia and the outreach to the world. David Wilkerson said there would then be a sudden closing up and persecution. After that short period of extreme persecution Jesus would return.



The last king of Israel (or Queen), David's unbroken line.

There are some scriptures that say David will always have a descended on his throne. But when we look at Israel we see that it was not through the Jews. There is a theory that Jeremiah and Baruch took some daughters of Zedekiah the last king of Judah and ended up in Ireland. One of the daughters married Eochaidh the high king. Over the course of the centuries the royal line established at Tara, Ireland was transferred from Ireland to Scotland to England where it survives today in the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A wondrous stone, variously called the Stone of Destiny, Stone of Scone, or Coronation Stone, upon which Her Majesty and her predecessors on the thrones of the three kingdoms were crowned, thought to be the stone that the patriarch Jacob slept on at Bethel (Genesis 28:18-22) was also believed to have been brought to Ireland by Jeremiah.  The stone rests today in Westminster Abbey in London, and the coronation chair is built over and around it. A sign beside it labels it "Jacob's pillar-stone" (Gen. 28:18). One authority states that “Irish historians are unanimous that about 580 B.C. there arrived in Ulster a notable man [Jeremiah], a patriarch or saint, accompanied by an Eastern princess, and a lesser person by the name of Simon Brach or Barech”.  Further that, “Irish tradition tells us that Jeremiah married the princess Tamar Tephi to Eochaidh king of Ireland” To get a more detailed history of this controversial story follow this link. It started with a daughter becoming a queen and will finish with a daughter being a queen. The last of David's unbroken line.



The last President of the USA

The last President has not appeared yet. This coming election in November 2016 will provide it. It is pretty much universally recognised the USA is the end time Babylon. To be a little more precise there is an image of a beast being ridden by a woman in Revelations 17. It is usually dumped all together but it should be broken down to its component parts. The woman the beast the heads and the horns. The USA is actually only the last head of the beast. Read my blog article the USA in Revelations for a better understanding. First the USA faces server financial problems 'fallen fallen is Babylon the Great' then it suffers the destruction of its cities by fire. But the period between the fall and the destruction is covered by Revelations 18 5-8. In her heart she boasts,

‘I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn.’ This is the same as Isaiah 47. Isaiah has more detail. You get the impression that it is more than a symbol but this last leader is a woman. The last president of the USA is going to be a woman. This person is truly evil and that naturally makes you think it is going to be Hillary Clinton but it could be someone else. We have to wait and see who ends up running and their Vice Presidents. Assuming it is Hillary then some statement she will not be a widow and she will see no lost of children will be the sign or a last warning of the destruction of the USA cities by fire. She is also going to outlive the other members of her family. In Revelation 18 it starts with an angel who is very bright and dark things get a light shone on them. This is what we are seeing in the current elections and more things will come out. I have heard a number of prophecies about Trump being Gods chosen person and they assume President. I think he is there to be a person who brings light on to subjects but Hilary is going to be President. All the polls will say Trump is going to win. Clinton has control of the voting system and will change the result and everyone will know it. In 2017 there is going to be marshal law in the USA.



The last Emperor of Rome

This is not strictly the last Emperor of Rome but the last world leader as symbolised as the last Caesar. This person will be the Antichrist and will be male as he is always described in the masculine. Europe will make up the bulk of the last beast nations and Germany will be the centre of it. One of the names of the Antichrist is the Assyrian. People who study the movement of Ancient civilizations through linguistics place Assyria as Germany.  The head that suffered a mortal wounded that was healed can only be the East\West Germany healing. The Throne of Satan is in Munich Germany. The Seat of Satan and the Pergamum temple were moved to Munich in the eighteen eighties. These and a number of other facts point to the Antichrist being Germany. A German who is currently a important politician but not the current leader. When the Beast first arises the mouth is that of the Lion. The main spokes person is going to be British. But he will be one of the three would fall to make way for the Antichrist. So let me speculate on who I think these people will be. When I look at the current players in the game these people speak to my spirit as the most likely. The British spokes man who will be the first leader of the beast I think could be Jeremy Corbyn. Although things look very shaky for him right now May 2016. When you look at him doesn't be look like a lion with his close cut beard. Now the Antichrist. No one would fit the bill better than a guy called Sigmar Gabriel. He is the current leader of the second largest party in Germany and likely to be the next Chancellor. What is going against him is he has too much character and the Antichrist is suppose to be unnoticed and just suddenly takes over. If not him then one of his close associates.


Warwick      20/05/2016

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