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What is the new Gospel

We often hear preachers being accused of preaching the new Gospel. What are they talking about? This is a Gospel that is to be preached in the last days. Paul talks about it in his letters. It is also talked about it in Revelations 10. The result is an ineffective church that abides wickedness at best encourages it at worst. For example, I live in New Zealand and New Zealand recently sponsored a resolution that divided up Israel and particularly Jerusalem. Not a word came out of the churches. Yet most Kiwi Christians know to do harm to Israel is a sin and can bring a curse upon the nation. How could such a strong Christian nation become so deadened to the spirit and laws of God.

To start I would like to look at how this Gospel was slowly accepted.

We will start off with the age of Lodacea. The age of Lodacea started around the 1820’s. The industrial revolution is well underway and there is a creation of wealth. This wealth is spreading to everyone. Lodacean’s are saying I am rich I have prospered and need nothing. Richness or wealth is the curse and enemy of the age of Lodacea. You become what you place as most valuable. This has led to the concept of, if life is going well you must be in a good place with God and if things are not going well then God wants to bless so when we have the things we believe are good we are in the will of God. The Lodacean’s said we are rich. From the start of the age we have become richer and richer. If we look at King Solomon it took just one generation under extreme wealth for David’s family to turn away from God. We have become rich and have become neither hot nor cold. This rise in wealth started in the 1800’s and continued to gain steam and by the late 1900’s where we became very rich. Very rich and very deadened to the spirit.

   Now the age of wealth is upon us and the next an attack comes upon the church. This is the white horseman of the apocalypse. The white rider has a bow and a crown. The crown is a symbol of authority and leadership. Therefore, he is targeting leadership in organisations. He has a bow which is a symbol of victory but also of deception or deceit. He rides a white horse that is the same colour as the horse Jesus and the angels ride in Rev 19. The same colour as the garment that the saints receive. I read this as leaders of organisations that appear to be Christian but are not. They lead their organisations or churches astray with deception. They are victorious in their schemes. The deception is going to be so good that you will not be able to tell the difference. Even the elect would be deceived it was possible. It is only by the spirit of God that we will be kept safe. If we look through our human eyes we will call evil good. If we look at what is happening in the mainstream churches with the grace doctrine, the prosperity doctrine and the doctrine of accommodation we see he has been very successful. How has he managed to destroy sound doctrine in the main stream churches? By attacking the educational institutions within each denomination. A constant questioning of obedience and consequences and promoting endless love and forgiveness. We also see the rises of pseudo Christian churches in the 1800's. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Christadelphians and Darbyism to name a few. The Rapture doctrine came from this period. The age of Lodacea arises and the white horse is sent out. The industrial revolution is starting to produce great wealth and create an environment for the age of Lodacea and the white rider. I believe these two events go hand in hand.

Satan has attacked Christians with wealth and made us docile and placid. The white rider has destroyed the leadership within the church and worked into place wicked men. They now promote the false gospel. We now have weak Christians a destroyed leadership and a doctrine that has lost it’s power. Revelations 10 describes it as a scroll that tastes sweet but is bitter to the stomach. Before we look at some out workings of the false gospel I want to talk about an intermediate step.

   It is called the gospel of Christian Universalism. "Christian Universalism" is the position that all of mankind will ultimately be saved through Jesus whether or not faith is professed in him in this life. It claims that God's qualities of love, sovereignty, justice, etc., require that all people be saved and that eternal punishment can not exist. That Gods love is unconditional. There is no deigning that Gods love is unconditional but salvation from the consequences of sin are very much conditional. It is this deigning of conditions that allows a doctrine to take any form it wants to. Some examples are 1) Once you have salvation you cannot lose it. Scriptures say you can and in certain cases can lead to no chance of repenting from rebellion. 2) Unity is everything. This quest for unity, the unity that Paul talks about but unholy unity leads to compromise, the doctrine of accommodation. These compromises usually comes from giving importance to our human traditions. Happiness and self fulfilment idols. That if we follow the agenda of giving, praying, reading the word etc. we will not get problems from any area of our life.

These good characterises of God become a problem because they leave out the characteristics that they do not like. God is a judge and there will be consequences to our actions. That there is a requirement for obedience which starts with confession and repentance. If you take only the positive aspects of God then there is no need for repentance. Let us look at a few of the common out workings.


Sexual immorality.

Divorce is rampant and adultery but the stand out is the promotion of homosexuality as some kind of acceptable norm. To think that this is promoted by leaders within mainstream churches. One day these people are going to stand before the throne of God  to be judged. We will get to see the unimaginable horror on their faces as judgement is handed down and they are thrown into the lake of fire. I get no joy from the thought only regret that I could not do more for them when I had the chance.

The prosperity Gospel.

This Gospel has been attacked from all directions and it is not hard to find an excellent expose of it. My view is that no growth or maturity can be gained unless hardship is encountered. The idea that you will have trouble in the world again and again. But these problems come from our benefit and growth and should be rejoiced. A rejection of the cross

Extreme Grace Gospel. Or Hyper Grace

Hyper-grace teachers maintain that all sin, past, present, and future, has already been forgiven, so there is no need for a believer to ever confess it. Hyper-grace teaching says that, when God looks at us, He sees only a holy and righteous people. That believers are not responsible for their sin. This is the total rejection of the adverse issues we can suffer as Christians. Once a Christian always a Christian and you cannot lose your salvation. A rejection of the judgement of Jesus.

The Gospel of Works.

For the most part we understand that there is no salvation but through faith in Jesus. Not we get salvation because we have done good works but we do good works because we are saved. However, there is a Gospel of works that is not so obvious. For examples the church is full of people because we have a great pastor. He is very capable and so must be blessed by God for what he does. The Pastor down the road is struggling because he has suffered for poor health. Because of this God must not be with him. A rejection of salvation by grace.

The teaching of a Gospel that people want to hear. Do these churches exist because a Pastor has practiced modern marketing and manipulation. Or has the rise of this kind of preaching been the result of the average Christian only wanting to hear this Gospel. I think the latter. People flocking to what they want to hear.




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