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 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

The Steve Jobs story

If you search the internet about Steve Jobs battle with cancer you would think that alternative medicine killed him. The very opposite was true. Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which is 99% fatal. Not only fatal but the average life expectancy once diagnosed is only five months. Steve pursue a number of alternatives with diet being only one. He was able to beat the odds and survive the initial cancer but after five years ( a gift from alternative medicine) the cancer came back but this time in his liver. After a short time of deliberation he decided to go with mainstream big business medicine and have a liver transplant. He died. He regretted waiting before he had the transplant but I am sure that where ever he is now he regrets giving up on natural non big pharma medicine more. The Steve Jobs story is one of success for non big business medicine.

charisma news

5 Reasons Why Princess Jasmine Makes a Wonderful Role Model for Young Women

With the live-action Aladdin now on DVD, viewers can watch the character of Princess Jasmine come to life in a new, positive way. Christian actress Naomi Scott brings a fresh depth to the classic princess as she demonstrates loyalty, sacrifice, love, courage and perseverance. She wants to lead her people to protect them, not because she's power hungry.....More

the catholic herald

Pope Francis: Tradition is ‘the guarantee of the future’

'Never break away from your roots to be modern, that's suicide,' the Pope told Discalced Augustinians. Fidelity to tradition ensures a fruitful future, Pope Francis said in a meeting Thursday with a contemplative-missionary community rooted in the spirituality of St Augustine. “To be modern, some believe that it is necessary to break away from the roots....more

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Pharaoh Justin Welby Is Bent On Buggering Up Brexit

"The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils," intones the likeable Lorenzo in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Surely the Bard of Avon isn't describing Britain's tonally challenged Archbishop of Canterbury? Justin Welby doesn't have a musical bone in his body. ........More

gateway news

Mighty Men and Mighty Women on the move in Western Cape

The Mighty Men Western Cape from September 20 to 22 and the Mighty Women Western Cape from Friday (September 13) to Sunday (September 14) will both be taking place on the new MMC WC venue on  Sandringham Farm Estate at Stellenbosch. “We are a mighty move of God and not a church. We encourage all pastors to bring their flocks and enjoy being away for a weekend of camping and fellowship at both events,......More

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Two Texas Cities Outlaw Abortion and Become ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’

  In two tiny Texas towns, abortion is now illegal.

The cities of Omaha and Naples, both with populations hovering around 1,000 people, joined the ranks as the second and third cities in the Lone Star State to pass ordinances making it a criminal offense to abort babies at any stage in pregnancy. “Because of the Omaha/Naples Ordinance, no abortion clinic will ever be able to move into these cities.......More


New Zealanders trust Buddhists most, evangelical Christians least, survey finds

A Malaysian court that promised justice for victims of human trafficking made eight convictions in its inaugural year despite the launch of hundreds of investigations in recent years, data obtained exclusively by the Thomson Reuters Foundation revealed. Malaysia is a magnet for traffickers due to its heavy reliance on foreign workers, many lured from nearby Indonesia and Bangladesh with promises of honest work but ending up trapped in unpaid labour, debt and facing exploitation.........more



Mother Seraphima, for many years you have carried out important obediences in the Church and headed the Synodal Department for Culture. Now all of us can see how a political knife is cutting into our historic past, culture and the Church. What should the reaction of Orthodox Christians be?.......More

Barnabas Fund

Early Rain church elder bailed after eight months in Chinese jail, Pastor Wang Yi remains locked up

 Church elder Li Yingqiang, who was arrested with more than 100 members of Early Rain Covenant Church in south-west China, was released on bail on 17 August after spending eight months in jail. Li Yingqiang was bailed pending trial, the church reported on Facebook. It also said that on 9 August a female church member, Li Chengju, held in criminal detention for more than a month has now returned home......More

The Gospel Herald

Christianity Inflicting 'Enormous Harm' on China, Warns Communist Party

A local government communications agency in China recently held a seminar to discuss with Communist Party members the "enormous harm" Christianity is to the atheist nation and identify ways to stunt its growth. According to Chinese Christian persecution watchdog China Aid, the event, titled "Christianity's Enormous Harm on China's Security," was held on April 22 in the city of Hebi in China's Henan provin ......More

The Christian Post

New York City to repeal ban on gay 'conversion therapy' amid legal battle

The New York city council is planning to repeal a two-year-old ban on “gay conversion therapy” to avoid a costly uphill legal fight. The New York Times reports that the city’s openly gay Council Speaker Corey Johnson introduced a bill on Thursday to repeal a measure passed in 2017 banning the sale of “services intended to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.” ......More