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Women's role in the church


A hard subject to write about without seeming to be demeaning to woman. I have two wonderful daughters who I have always encouraged to be all they can be and nothing is beyond them. They both have degrees and have started out on great careers. I have also stayed married for nearly forty years to an intelligent strong will woman. I have written this from the view of the practical man looking at an instruction manual.

 I have broken this down into different aspects.

Firstly where we get some of our underlying concepts of the roll of women.

Let us start at the beginning. God made man to tend his garden saw it was not good for him to be alone so created woman. Adam was lonely. God did not create woman to clean up after him because he did even own a fig leaf. She didn't have to cook or clean and there are plenty of lonely men around who have a sex life. No this relationship was far more profound. From the beginning they formed one flesh. We are meant to be one yet ywo halves of the same coin. If you live together you have created a home. A man now has a sense of belonging because of woman. Out of Genesis we get two scriptures that have far reaching effect on the attitude to women in general. The first is woman is called a helper. Is Adam the main man and Eve his assistant. This question is answered by the second scripture. That one of the punishments from the fall in Genesis 3.16 is that a husband will rule over the wife. If this is a punishment then it can not be the situation before the punishment. So Adam needed help so a helper was given to him. The reason for the use of the word helper is only because Adam was there first. Eve was an equal share partner in the gardening business. once we receive Jesus the old man is dead and we go back to being an equal share partners.

The writing of Paul.


The attack on the role of woman.

Third third third.


Paul's letter to Timothy.

Talking about church management.

No one in the pews

Not about woman's ministry.

Child bearing

God's order

The results

Not always

Gospel of extenuating circumstances.


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