The Pandemic Reflections

We are will into the pandemic and it is time to reflect on what we know so far. We will start at the beginning, where it came from? An interesting story came out of the states that had with strong evidence to back it. The story went that the Homeland Security was looking at various risks and came across research being conducted on corona viruses. They were ordered to stop this research which they did in a way. In 2015 they contracted a viral research centre overseas and moved there. The place where that centre was was Wuhan. They were paid 3.7 million dollars as a first payment. Dr Anthony Fauci who has been getting a lot of media coverage lately as a White House spokes person on the pandemic was heavily involved in this whole affair. Whether they are still involved will come out. There was a report that came out about a group of Russian virologists that were working at Wuhan. They sent a complaint to their head office describing what was going on at Wuhan at best grossly irresponsible or at worst plain crazy. They left. Note that Russia, a close friend of China, instantly closed its boarder with China at the first rumours of this virus. When you get a lot of coincidences like this alarm bells go off in my head. Maybe the Chinese were right in pointing the finger at the USA.

What we have discovered is the virus has been nowhere near as virulent as it could have been. That most people get little more than a normal flu. That there are a number of common medications that are effective in substantially reducing the severity of the virus. It does spread easily but your bodies defences will protect you unless it has been interfered with. A problem caused by the gross over medication of the general population. This is not to say the virus will not morph into something worse but because it is changing all the time it will there is no chance that they will ever have an effective vax. They will introduce one and it will be useless but will make someone a lot of money.

The figures of how many people have died from the virus are inaccurate because the test is not at all accurate. I see that they should have a test out shortly that is accurate. When the first figures were coming out one of the strange figures was if you had a flu vaccination you had a greater chance of dying from the virus. It turned out because the Covid19 test was only aimed at the virus type in general the test was picking up the Covid in Flu vaccines. The result of this test and that most people who are dying are old and have regular flu vaccines the numbers are being overstated by approximately one third.

That it is not strictly an old person problem. Depending on the country the number of older people can be as low as 50%. In Italy the figures came out that 90% of those who died had had other serious health problems and their immune systems had been compromised. Very few illnesses in them selves effect the immune system but the drugs they take interfere with the system. Mostly what happens is these drugs remove important nutrients from our bodies. Two important ones are zinc and vitamin D but iron, copper and manganese also.. The issue that should be being discussed is not how we look after the elderly but how we are badly over medicating the elderly. The elderly should be making calls on do they really need these drugs. Can they stop taking them for a short period while the pandemic is going on. This should be a discussion to be had with your doctor. Especially try to get away from Ace inhibitors a blood pressure medication. Increase the amount of nutrients with supplements or multi vitamins.

Time magazine has an article showing the amount of all deaths since lock down has spiked. I saw some figures from the UK showing the normal amount of deaths in the UK in a week was 12000. They were getting 3000m deaths a week from Covid that should have taken the total to 15000 but it rose to 18,000. They were suggesting that the amount of people dying from Covid 19 was much higher. We know because of the testing problems the amount of people dying is over stated by around a third. That would give you an extra 4000 people dying. These people are dying from other causes because we are not meant to be locked up. We are social creatures. The lock downs better work because they will kill people in their 10’s of thousands in their own right. By locking down New Zealand they were going to kill 300 people. If they had not locked down would the virus had killed that many people. The results out of Australia and Sweden say not a snowflakes chance in hell.

Things that have not worked in the past or there is no evidence of success are social distancing, boarder closures and school closures. Thing that do work are washing hands, face masks and testing with isolation from the test results. Though, social distancing gives people the feeling they are doing something to help. In Sweden even though it is not required many people are creating space because of this need to feel like you are doing something.

Retailing and tourism are going to have an on going financial disaster with massive unemployment which in turn will wreck our general economies. We should be allowing tourism from any country that has a relatively similar virus rate per million. The ongoing death rates are going to be high and we need to think outside the box.

The number of deaths from pandemics in the past century have been;

Asian Flu 1,250,000 1968/70 None of these caused us to close down

Hong Kong Flu 3,000,000 1958/60

Spianish flu 50,000.000 1917/19

The various viruses over the last twenty years have received a lot of publicity but have killed very few people. Bird Flu, H1n1 have been real fizzers.

In general this lockdown has been a disaster. Covid 19 has proven to be a fizzer so far. If it dies away without getting over three million these close downs have been a disaster so bad that that many scare mongers should face long prison terms.