Why the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast.
And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger

Black Lives Matter ( Sometimes)

Black Lives matter is part of the Obama operation. A Democrat Party sub group. There are plenty of articles and videos out there showing the details. Their purpose is to create situations that can be taken advantage of by the left. They have nothing to do with the welbeing of black people. In fact, quite the opposite. Technically they are Neo Marxist Alinskyite radicals. An organisation where the ends justifies the means to such an extreme that it would give Niccolo Machiavelli a happy dream. Alinskite come from Saul Alinsky ideas, and the Rules for Radicals being his most famous book. The thing about Alinskyites tactics and their names is they often mean the opposite to what they say. If they say Black lives matter they mean that Black lives DON”T matter. Lets take a look.

George Floyd sadly lost has life which has given the radical left a calling cry to rise up and start their revolution. George had presented a very poorly forged $10 to buy some food. They young people serving refuse to take the money and called the police. It was well known that this food outlet all ways called the police. Instead of fleeing he had gone outside and just waited around. You would think that when the police arrived he would have fled the scene. A few minutes later the police arrested him. When he was being arrested he seemed to be acting strangely to the extent one of the arresting officers asked him why he was behaving so strangely. There seemed to be no problem until officer Chauvin shows up on the scene. This was some minutes later and not needed. Then George struggles and refuses to get into the police car. He was held in a standard hold down position. Once George stopped struggling you are supposed to to be put in the recovery position. He was not, the officer was purposefully trying to harm him. But not kill him as the transcript showed he was surprised when they could not find a pulse. This hold down position has caused problems in the passed and has been banned in some places. It can make it hard to breath. Unfortunately, George had a heart attack and died. The original autopsy said there was no sign of asphyxiation. It was latter changed, even though it is easy to see the signs. George had been a violent criminal and drug addict for a long time. You would think that few would mourn his passing. There seemed to be a lot of people taking photos. The hole situation is not right.

Three controversy.
Firstly, it was reported that Floyd and the Chauvin new each other through a organisation called The Club. They were both bouncers. The Chauvin had been dismissed for being to rough with customers and Floyd dismissed for running up a large debt. Chauvin still did work for the Club on a contract bases. The Club had been accused of dealing in drugs, prostitution and human trafficking. Chavin and the lady who owned the club had a long association. Chauvin was one of the investigating officers at the Sandy Hook shooting and the lady was one of the victims mother. Chauvin has had an interesting life as he was also one of the officers that attended the Boston Marathon bombing. The unluckiest policeman on the planet or a crisis actor? Both him and the asian police officer only had ironed on badges when the should have had real ones. The asian police officer was also one of the officers at the Sandy Hook shooting. Whoa almost as unlucky as Chauvin. Floyd was a drug addict and in serious trouble with The Club. They had been looking for him, The officers may have been making a collect and had been accused of doing this type of thing before. Was this some sort of plan? The whole circumstances around the incident are dodgy. But very hard to organise a heart attack. Maybe from BLM point of view a lucky circumstance. The suggestion was the whole thing was planned and George was to disappear and who knows maybe he did. There was a photo of a man at his funeral standing near the back with a hoodie and dark glasses who was the same height and size as Floyd. He also had the very distinctive nose of Floyd. 

The protest started the next day and the riots the day after. The riots were mainly by people who had been bused in for the purpose of rioting. The controversy arises because it is claimed that the buses were booked before George died. They new there was going to be riots before the death? Maybe a coincidence.

That a tweet was sent out from the Obama office condemning the death nearly a week before the event. This one is hard to get around. It was there in black and white. The Obama office which means BLM new in advance that Floyd was going to die.

The evidence would point to George being murdered by Black Lives Matter in an violent manner in order to have a reason to riot. I guess Black Lives Matter only to white people. To other Black people they don't matter.

It is interesting to see what has been happening to black Americans over the last fifteen years.

There are currently no statistics that show the USA police are institutionally racist. Virtually every number shows they have the same average as everybody else. In fact if you have a confrontation with police you are more likely to be shoot if you are white.
In 2006 the population of prisoners in the USA was 80% black. A terrible figure. Interestingly enough that it has been falling to about the same as white people at around 37%. That fall has gone on through three presidents so it has not been by politicians but by the black community itself.
The most new small businesses over recent years per head of population has been by black businessmen and women. Whilst the average IQ of a USA citizen has been falling (110 to 102 as has NZ) the average black American IQ has held steady. Unemployment for blacks has been falling to record lows. The number of blacks with degrees has been rising as has people entering the middle classes. All this has been happening to African/Americans not through politicians but by attitudes of African Americans in general. You would think this would get a lot of press. Not when it doesn't suit the narrative.

Not that there are not many hurdles to be overcome. There are still plenty of poor statistic surrounding the black community. Things were getting better through the efforts of good leadership within the community.

Along comes BLM with their riots which are mainly held in black suburbs and the looting and burning is of black businesses and homes. Bizarrely, 60% of the radical left rioters are actually white.

Now there you have it, their name is not Black Lives Matter but their true name Black Lives Don't matter. Saul Alinsky would be so proud.

There was a study done on attitudes a number of years ago. It involved from memory 40 women. Twenty were told they were going on store service test. They had to go to several hardware stores and do some shopping. When they came back they were asked a series of question one of them being did you think the service was sexist. Seventeen said no and three said yes. The second group went to the same shops. However, they were told they were going not to test the service but whether the service was sexist or not. There result was exactly the opposite with seventeen saying it was. This is what BLM is trying to do. Plus the mainstream Media are trying to create racism where there is none by going on about it. The more it is out there the more perceived racism there will be.

Creating hate to bring done the system but they do not have an alternative that has not failed badly in the passed. Power for the sake of power. They are the epitome of what they claim to hate.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]