And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger
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Covid 19 virus again.

With New Zealand going into corona virus lock down again I thought I would look at what has transpired over the last five months and the different approaches taken by different countries. You can not find this type of information on Google or Bing you have to go to a search engine like Duck Duck Go, Smart Page or even Bing. In the civil unrest that is going to come upon New Zealand in the next few years the first thing you need to do to keep yourself safe is to remove Google from your computer. It may surprise you to know by far the biggest share holders in Google can be traced back to Big Pharma.

There is plenty of information about the deaths in various countries from the virus itself even if it is politicised and inaccurate, especially from the USA. A number of countries have produced total figures for deaths from the lock down. Falls in road tolls, rises in suicides, heart attacks etc. These 'other causes' had a number of articles written about them. The main type of heart attack deaths was up 40% and people dying from cancer up 45%. But mainly there is an irrational moving of health resources to combat the virus. Leaving all other services short handed. In an interview in the USA a Dr Fauci (one of the stars in this event) was asked, if you take all these resources to fight the virus what will happen to the areas that have lost resources. Have you factored in the lose of life in others areas. He simply replied “no he had not”. Unicef predicted that there would be high numbers, about 1.5 million eventually, which is about twice the number of Covid deaths as it stands today. It turned out that the very young are almost completely immune to the virus. The average life expectancy in the USA is 78 and the average of people dying from Covid is 81. The figures for New Zealand have been extrapolated from other countries numbers. The deaths from other causes was remarkably similar in most countries therefore, the results are mainly stats from Australia and the UK.

So how many people died in New Zealand from other causes due to the lock down. Mid March to Mid May, that number was 2070. Around 230 per week. I was shocked and horrified to think someone in Government new these figures and have locked down NZ again knowing that is a death sentence for a couple of hundred people.There is another point about the cases in NZ. That these are all but one a positive test to the anti bodies. Just because you have anti bodies it does not mean you have an actual case and are infectous. It means the you bcame in contact and your body fought it of before it became an active case. We have one case at the writing of this article.

Sweden and Japan did not have any lock down and as a result had only minimal deaths caused by other lock down causes. That puts the death rate per 100,000 for New Zealand at 410, about the same as France. Sweden is 571 and Japan only 9 but both countries have minimal other deaths. Sweden is pretty much through the pandemic with very few new cases and no deaths for a while. They got criticised by all in sundry but now they can sit back and laugh at the world as with Japan. Sweden had 5774 people die but only 70 were under the age of 50. Sweden 534 was often compared to Denmark 521 Norway 470, and Finland 480  when you take other causes into account. They were very little better off. Sweden also had another problem that caused a high number of deaths. Most people who died were over 70. The virus ran through the Retirement villages but in Sweden these villages are far bigger than elsewhere in Europe. In France around half the villages were infected in Sweden where they are fewer and much larger every village got infected.. Sweden and Japan have developed population immunity. Whereas, NZ like Denmark and Norway are still stuck with the problem that should they open our boarders we will get lots of cases. We can wait till their is a vaccine which like most vaccines will cause more problems than it cures. By the time it arrives the death tolls will be beyond if we just did nothing and let it happen.

The most overwhelming fact is that countries who went into lock down not only still have the problem of the virus. They have the problem of the destruction of businesses and the ensuing unemployment problem. That problem has its own death rate that is still to come for the countries that chose lock down.

The Victoria State government current lock down is truly an exercise in incompetence. Victoria has a population of 7.5 million about three quarters of Sweden. They have had 265 deaths so far according to their numbers. New South Wales with a larger population only had 50 deaths. Anybody would think they are lying but who ever heard of politicians lying to get some imaginary advantage. Closing down the state in such a draconian manner is bazaar to say the least. The videos coming out of the Nazi style treatment of its citizens is horrifying. It reminds me of a video I once watched on how normal family men turned into monsters at the Germany concentration camps. What they have done will kill 2000 people by other causes. The on going effect on business and health services once the the lock down has ended will most likely kill the same again. In the end unless you have a lock down for ever it will come back. It is an exercise in pointlessness. Incompetence is no excuse for murder and hopefully there will be some punishment for their crimes. Victoria has a Marxist Government and where there is a Marxist government they are getting very bad results. They always resort to crushing state control that old time communist leaders could only dream about. Marxism is just the addiction to pure power after all. Where Governments have said “you know what is best for yourselves. These are the facts and we can help in this way or that”. You have got the best results. A study of the results in US states shows the Socialist/Marxist states having heavy death tolls and major unemployment issues and the Social/Capitalist states doing far better.

An interesting fact is to do with the virus that has affected people on ships. The worst cases are the Diamond Princess travelling around Hong Kong and Japan. The Ruby Princess Travelling between Australia and New Zealand and the Aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. There would be no better environment for the virus to spread to everyone on board. The Theodore Roosevelt had 19.3% of people infected. The Diamond Princess 19.2% and the Ruby 17.3%. One ship full of young health people the others mainly older people. This and other studies showed that over 80% of people are already immune to the virus. At the moment they have no idea why.

It is the same old story in many ways. Where Government tries o fix things they only ever make it worse until things stop functioning. As opposed to when they get out of the way and let the people do their thing it gets better. Or is it something more nefarious? Are they going to cancel the election in NZ that is coming up. The MSM have been putting out polls showing Labour way out in front when that was highly unlikely. I suspect that the very opposite is true. That Labour are going to be swept from power into a state of virtual non existence and the people who control Labour from overseas are in a panic.

It all seem to convenient that out of the blue they are announcing that New Zealand will probably have to go back into a lock down again. About three weeks before it happened. This was a sudden change from Labour bragging about how good they were. When they started making these announcements every fibre of my body said they are up to no good again. This is a clear case of politicians exploiting the pandemic for political gain at the expense of the people.

The virus and the response to it has shown up a problem that has happened all over the western world. As politicians have become more skilful at spin, which is a nice name for lying, the need for people to be compliant to the lie has become very important. This has led to the career politician, someone who has spent their entire working life in politics. They make little changes to policy to get elected but few real changes and rely heavily on career government workers who have also learned to spin. Now along come a real problem and they have no idea how to deal with it. For dealing with real problems they are completely incompetent. There would never have been a more completely in competent government than this Labour one. It is not that any socialist policy is wrong it is a system that produces them in major parties. Last election we had a choice between two people to be our CEO of NZ's biggest company, the NZ government. Neither of them had ever worked out of politics. If you were the sole owner of this company would you have ever employed someone with no real experience and you new was a skilful lair. Never and now we are receiving the rewards of incompetence. This poison called spin has infected our main stream media as well. They are busy trying to create a narratives that sell or benefit their offshore owners. In stead of putting the heat on people so you can see what they are made of they are hiding these weak people to some advantage to themselves or their owners. What ever the reasons the result is we are looking at the stupidest politicians that have ever walked around parliament.