Why the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast.
And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger

Christchurch killings, a look at the facts.

Tragedy has struck New Zealand with dozens of Kiwis having their lives terminated before their time. We have one life and it is sad when it is taken by broken people. The Government has tried with unbelievable zeal to hide every bit of information other than their narrative while the alternative media speculates widely about the facts and conspiracies. There is information out there and this is an attempt to inform the average Kiwi and people of the world what has happened. I will go through each subject and give as much information as I have gathered. Is every bit of information the exact truth, given the suppression of information, can only guarantee 80% and the rest pretty close. The information was gathered from mainstream corporate media and mainstream Non Corporate. The information about the Israeli Defence Force came from an award-winning alternative site.
Brenton Tarrant
Brenton left Australia in 2010 to travel the world on the death of his father. There are two stories about how he funded these travels. He inherited money from his father's estate less than $50,000. This may have funded travels for a year or two but after that, he needed some sort of income. The other a strange story about cryptocurrencies. The following has been hard to cross check but his time overseas goes like this. He traveled for two years and ended up in Israel. There he got dual citizenship and joined the Israeli Defense Force. He did a three year term. After that he moved into other areas of the defense force. From there he worked for security firms in the middle east. Working in danger zones. In 2017 he was killed in a bomb explosion. So if he died then who was this. If you look closely at the pictures of him and the ones from when he was 18 you see that the bone structure is not right. The gap between his eyes and the point of his chin is to small to be the shooter. They do look similar but they are not the same people. However, it could be the earlier photos that were wrong but unlikely. I will keep calling him Tarrant in this article. He says he funded travels through a cryptocurrency called Bit Connect. Bit Connect did not appear until 2016 and was a scam, everybody lost their money. However, one story told by an acquaintance in Australia said it was BitCoin which would make much more sense. Not a mistake that anyone trading in cryptocurrencies would make. It only helped him in the last two years of his life. The last time he was in Australia he made a number of donations to far-right groups. $1500 dollars to a group called The Lads. This one called The Lads has been banned from Facebook for being Far Right. In the video he referred to the lads often although he hardly new them. Just establishing the white supremacist narrative. The Australian Security Service said he was not on their radar which is incredibly unlikely or for some reason they were telling lies. The closest thing he had to trade was as a personal trainer and a soldier if that information was correct. Tarrant's father and mother immigrated from Israel to Britain to escape poverty in Israel according to the UK Guardian. From Britain, they went to Australia and in 1970 became nationalized. Brenton was born six years later which makes him 42. He looks more forty two than twenty eight. He had little to do with women as he thought they were too much trouble and spent a lot of time on the computer. He was liked and genial in his behavior. His family said there was a dramatic change in his personality after travelling overseas. The photos of him in Pakistan do not show a person in a lot of stress from physiological problems. In fact, his statements about Pakistan showed he still had an appreciation of beauty. He lived in NZ for five months before this event and was unemployed. He came to New Zealand twice but traveled all over the world in between visits. Countries visited by Tarrant included Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, parts of Africa, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France, Afghanistan, and China. After he left Israel 2017 he came to New Zealand and obtained a gun license and left again. As a foreigner, he could not get a permanent license. The license requires two references to be given. Who were they? This information is not available to us but the situation is very wrong. He returned in October 2018 and keeping a low profile before the shooting. He lived in Dunedin a city of 120,000 people and about a four-hour drive from Christchurch. In court, he was seen making a hand symbol which the media claims is a symbol of white supremacy but it is not. That sign that looks like an upside down 6 is the sign of 666 particularly when it is made in front of the crotch area. It is a demonic and Satanist symbol. These satanic symbols come up again and again.

The video and shooting.
This video was quickly scrubbed from Facebook. Anyone possessing it in New Zealand was subject up to 14 years in jail. They were very keen that nobody views this video and we will explore the reasons why. Apparently, there is the original video seventeen minutes and twenty seconds long and another with fifteen minutes and forty seconds long with all the controversial pieces missing. The seventeen minute video was much clearer.  Hardly anyone actually saw the video live but it did have a wide distribution and many people outside New Zealand recorded it and have studied the content. These are the conclusions they have come up with. There is a mountain of ideas bouncing around the net but nearly all are wrong. The pictures were most likely shot on a phone. The poor quality picture of the fifteen minute video was the reason it looked like CGI with items disappearing and appearing again. The video was real, all the terrible things that are shown are real. Of the five reviews, I read of the video all of the reviewers showed a level of shock. However, the video showed some very important information. Before I started this review I saw a picture of a gunman who was at the site and it was assumed was an extra shooter. This picture appeared not part of the video but another person took it. The thing that surprised me was he was wearing red. This is not a colour that makes you blend in. As I gathered more info it started to make sense. The colour red comes up again and again. The pictures show another man wearing red overalls at the entrance of the mosque and again later twice. The mosque had a fence around it and these people in red were inside the fence and not shoot like everybody else. On his way to the site, he stops waits for some time and a woman comes up to him and gets very close and she is dressed in red as well. He then starts driving once she has gone past. During the shooting twice someone spoke to him. The first time saying 'watch your back' clearly the second one was not so clear. Most of the victims were trapped in a room because the fire exits were locked. The lock was electronic and had only been installed two days before. The person who installed them was at the building at the time of the shooting. He was the owner of the Toyota that Tarrant walked past when he went in and out of the building. We will come back to this.  That took a person on the outside to do that or incredibly bad luck but it was not Tarrant. The official figures said forty-one dead and nearly the half again wounded. At the first mosque. The reviews said there were only 30 to 35 people in total shoot. Sixty people shot was pure fantasy. A made up figure that undermines that police account. It was probably the taller man with fair hair and the red shirt. One of the glass doors was broken and a few escaped. Once he had killed everyone inside he suddenly left the building to chase a woman who was fleeing. He had to have got a message that the woman was fleeing. He races out and shoots her. Then the most obvious reason it appears he was getting messages for he suddenly runs around to the other side of the building which he could not see and shoots a man 40 meters away as he tries to escape out the back car park. It is then we see the man in red overalls again. When Mr Tarrant enters the building there is a Toyota Will VS FQH875 at the front door of the mosque. It leaves half way through the shooting. Later in the day it is filmed being waved straight through a road block by police. This would have had police credentials. Tarrant could run outside in order to shoot people trying to escape but not see a car leave? Will this is the most disturbing part of the whole event. The people  were gather mainly in two places. By the emergency exits. Two days earlier the locking system for the two door were change from mechanical to electronic. When they tried to leave the doors would not open. The vehicle at the front door was owned by the man that had installed the system. So he was on site when the shootings took place. It was the guy you saw wondering about in the red overalls. When Tarrant was outside he looked back to the entrance and you see the car moving. He run off and started shooting down the street and started shooting at nothing then came back into the building and the car was no longer there. There were at least four different perpetrators involved. The taller fair-haired man in the red shirt with a gun, the shorter dark haired man with the red overalls who installed the locks and a woman in red who walked up to the car and possibly gave him something when he was stopped and Tarrant were seen in the video. Tarrant then left the building and drove to the other Mosque where things went wrong. On the way the video stopped so there is no video recording of what happened or even if Tarrant made it there. A person at the second mosque shoot the man in the overalls dead. I think that does not make sense as he was a big person and you would not likely  wrestle the gun from him. Because he was a ring in I would bet that the other man and woman shoot him. They fled the scene as soon as he was shoot. By this stage, he was not wearing red overalls. Another story went a person had appeared with a gun and fired five shoots according to a witness Mark Nichols. This incident of the person getting the gun and shoot at the attackers was reported in the New Zealand Herald and other sources. One of New Zealand's main propaganda news outlets. (Someone was not in the loop.) There was a video of the man lying dead on the ground and being rolled over by a policeman's foot. There were survivors at the second mosque and multiple shooters were seen and one was said to be a woman. Why did Tarrant take the video when it would show exactly what happened and it was not the act of a lone madman. I am sure meant to take this video. Was it a cry from Tarrant that he was not responsible or alone and was being made to commit the atrocity. He had been on many operations before but not one with so many deaths. Others said he was just a complete dumb-ass. This was certainly a planned operation and we could well see it end up in the highest levels of government. With the whole mind control story, there are some anomalies. However, the video showed some very important information. The video seems to show how a MK ultra mass shooting works. It will be used as an example of how a false flag works with MK ultra for decades to come. The use of colours and music and how they are used to control the victim. The result of Mk ultra usage tends to leave the victim so stupefied ( Parklands shooter) and not able to carry out the attack with the effect the controllers need. They often have other shooters which have been caught on camera and by many eyewitnesses. Brenton carried the first shooting out easily by himself. The gun that has been seen with the names of killers on it plus occult symbolism. His bag had the symbol of the black sun an occult symbol of kill everything to bring new life. The shooting was carried out on the ides of March or the fifteenth a very important day in occult symbolism. The number of deaths being 49 (7*7) and the changing to 50 (the year of celebration) important numbers in occult numerology. Tarrant himself had NZ police/army issued body armour on. Now that's disturbing.
There were a number of videos made of the shooting and posted to YouTube and other video providers. One of them was an outfit called Brighteon who had some particularly telling footage. Brighteon was forced to take down the videos but not by New Zealand but by the Australian Government. Their kind of Ministry of Truth. Was this the source of the plot to murder these people in Christchurch? Brighteon moved their servers out of the USA and put back up everything. You can still find videos on Brighteon.

The rifles
There were six rifles seen used. He had purchased four A category weapons from Gun City in Christchurch. These guns were purchased online. This is the first of three odd things about the rifles and licenses. To buy a gun online is not like buying a cheap watch from China. Pay the money and it turns up. Forms need to be signed by the police and basically a time consuming task and lots of contact with the police. It is much easier to go to a shop and Christchurch is only four hours by car for a $6000 dollar deal. The guns could have been bought in Dunedin. The AR-15 is an A category firearm under certain conditions or usually a military styled weapon that needs a special license. You may know the AR 15 as the Armalite rifle from the Vietnam war. Some described it as the gun that lost the Vietnam war because of its unreliability. There were two AR 15's used. The The first was an SRS and the second was a Ruger made in the USA and readily available in New Zealand. The guns seen in pictures on the front seat but the two AR!% were both hidden in the back of the station wagon. The second strange thing was the numbers were removed and why remove this number? The original gun license is a really suspicious thing. A foreigner travelling to New Zealand cannot obtain a category A license they can only get a temporary E or D license. It requires a home visit from the police and you need two referees one being a family member. There is no way he could get a license. As you will see one of the reasons New Zealand does not have a gun problem is a highly competent police force. There may be some very different opinions about the leadership of the police but the average police person is well trained and highly competent. This license situation could only happen as a criminal event. Of the last 96 recorded multiple shootings, 25 have used semi-automatic rifles and only 6 have used AR 15's. The six times the AR 15's were used are the ones that have had the most claims of false flag events with multiple shooters witnessed. Other figures for AR 15's are propaganda. Another thing that has been said about the AR 15. That it is designed for shooting people which is not true. This type of rifle is a hunting rifle from when it was designed in the 1950s. It was meant to make hunting safer. Some just look more dangerous because of their sleek designs.

The Manifesto. The Great Replacement.
The manifesto is nothing but click bait. Written by at least three people and meant as a tool to get an agenda across. Hardly worth a mention but I am here to inform. The manifesto is broken into three parts. The intro where he establishes the white nationalist viewpoint. A series of questions he poses to himself and then answers them. During these questions and answers take a sudden change in the type of words and emotions he is writing with. Then a more summary type of conversation. The last part is an almost cut and paste of the uni bombers manifesto. It is not written by him so I won't discuss it. The first section has the appearance of something he has written just before he committed the act. The trouble is that the wording used has changed. The average person will not use more than two words of more than six letters in any sentence. People who use more than that have a much higher intellect. He was not a bright person who led an academic life He worked as a personal trainer and a soldier. His comments on 8chan were little better than moronic. He would not have put a sentence together like this. "We must enviably correct the disaster of hedonistic, nihilistic individualism" or "even despite the ongoing effect of sub-replacement fertility, the population figures show the population figures do no decrease in line with sub-replacement fertility levels". Someone added this to the manifesto in order to create a narrative. This was written by someone else but why or how this happened can only be speculated. He described New Zealand as a target rich environment and an easy target. Remember that statement for later on it will come up again. Despite the early white nationalist rhetoric he then goes on to blame everybody else in the second part. Saying he is one thing or another, admires China for it has the best government. Calls himself a socialist. He has a go at everybody but Israel, a good soldier.

The Mossad
During the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, part of a building landed on a car and one of the four occupants was killed. When the police turned up to help they discovered the dead person had five passports from different countries. They were promptly arrested. It turned out they were Israeli secret service agents. They claimed they were here scouting out passports they could use. A minor infringement which does not explain why the then Prime Minister John Key received four phone calls from Benjamin Netanyahu The Israeli Prime Minister. One of the worlds more evil characters and heavily involved in the dark world of intelligence. Later as the plot thickens another even more evil character raises his head. What were they doing in New Zealand? Were they responsible for the attack or an indicator of the reasons this mosque was attacked? We are about to see if they are innocent victims or are they martyrs in a fight for some cause. This was an article from the Southland Times.

The Mosques
The Al Noor Mosque is very controversial. In 2013 two terrorists were killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. When they investigated the bodies and who they were they found two Europeans that had come from New Zealand. The parents of the two said they were radicalised at the Al Noor mosque. In 2014 they bought in a radical preacher who was preaching Jihad. There were complains. These are just the things we know about but for two European kiwis to be radicalised this must have been going on for a while. With many more preachers coming in and a lot of young Muslim's being sent overseas. Now we know why the Mossad was here. They had been there watching since 2011 at least. This raises the question of whether they were innocent or how many were aware of their history and were they still pursuing war in some form. Was it the reason that that mosque was targeted. There were only thirty five people maximum at the first mosque. Which leaves far to many wounded and killed at the second mosque. None of the numbers seem to stack up but it was a large number. Are these innocent victims or they martyrs in a fight for some cause. Whether other people believe in the cause or not it was their cause and died in the promotion of it. Whether a front line soldier or a logistical support person in some form. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. They were helping people get to Afghanistan to fight an invading force who were killing their brothers carelessly. There is no way the NZSIS did not know about these activities.
From the first call to the police and Tarrant getting caught was 36 minutes. To get from one mosque to the other (about 7 km) you had to drive through the centre of Christchurch at 2.00 on Friday afternoon. A trip of fifteen minutes on a good day. Shoot about the same number of victims at the second mosque. Then travel about another 6 or 7 km to where he got caught. That's another 15 minutes. Eight minutes at each mosque that gives a total of 46 minutes. Ten minutes too long. He also needed time to reload. When the video ends he has travelled 25% of the journey, three minutes has gone and only travelled the easy part of the trip Now he's heading into heavy traffic. The report of different shooters at different mosques starts to make more sense. One last point about the mosque itself. It is about the reactions of the people. The panic and lack of leadership caused there to be far more deaths than what there should have been. They were said huddled in a corner and waited to be shoot. It sounds quite unbelievable. There clearly needs to be trained response to this kind of attack. A guide needs to be developed by the police.

The Police
New Zealand is a remarkably safe place to live with a major reason for that going to a well trained and competent Police Force. They are a force to be proud of and deserve all the honour, respect and help we can give them. However, elements of the higher levels of New Zealand police have been accused of being some of the most corrupt in the western world. The first Mosque that was hit was only six minutes from a Police Station but from receiving the first call the Police said it took 21 minutes to arrive. They said there were sirens everywhere and they would have arrived at the sight in less than 10 minutes. All police cars carry plenty of firepower so there was no need to go and suit up so to speak. Twenty-one minutes is long in real time, maybe it was to be made secure. The first shooting was only eight minutes long so for all the speed they were there 1 minute too late. There were four people arrested who were carrying firearms Three men and a woman. Tarrant was one. Another was a neighbour who was coming to the aid of the mosque but was stopped by police and arrested. Two others stopped at a police cordon carrying guns and arrested. Interestingly one was a woman who was armed and the chances of this not being the attackers is very low. To summarise from the first call to Tarrant being arrested was 36 minutes. Then approx. another 9 mins till the last two attackers were caught. One was killed at the second mosque. A total of 45 minutes, now that's great police work. When the French bombed the Rainbow Warrior two of the three perpetrators were caught very quickly because they did not grasp how good NZ policing is. I went back and watched the police reports from Mike Bush the Police Commissioner. He was unsure of the facts and did not seem to have a prepared narrative to drive home. Actually, he seemed a really decent bloke. Did not come across as some kind of villain at all.

New Zealand media is nearly all overseas controlled. With the main television channel TV1 being a state broadcaster. Like BBC, Australian and Canadian state broadcasters, when it comes to leftist propaganda, they are leading the charge. The only good thing about TV1 is you can watch the news and find out what's not true. You don't know the truth but you know the lie or the narrative. What did we get from them? Gun confiscation, white nationalism or anti-nationalism, and more censorship the same totalitarian garbage we always get. They instantly linked Tarrant to Donald Trump and all the fake ideologies surrounding him. Lots of emotive picture of Adern with lots of anti-gun sentiment. In fact, there was an open attack on anyone who did not adhere to the mainstream media narrative. Books banned, websites banned, one being Zero Hedge a financial news outlet of all things, and people lost their employment for having some vague link to racist views. The way this has been scrubbed from everywhere except for the narrative version is quite spectacular. There is no place for discussion or other opinions. Agree or be vilified.
 There is now a mad dash to take away a lot of guns. All based on this incident with the call to make New Zealand safe. Will it make New Zealand safer? Let's look at the facts. 1 – New Zealand has a remarkably safe gun record. There are a few incidents of people shooting each other in malice. What problems there are principally in the drug trade and this harm will still happen guns or not. The police have done an excellent job and have made gun ownership a non-issue in New Zealand. 2 - This person was not part of the NZ environment but an outsider with the desire to kill as many people as possible. There are far better ways to kill a lot of people than using a rifle. New Zealand has a massive farming industry with all the ingredients for high explosive fertilizer bombs. Maybe Jacinda Adern should ban farming. 3 - In the USA with horrific gun crime, if you have a gun in your house you are eight times more likely to shoot your self by accident than someone shooting you with malice. In New Zealand, that figure is nearer 25 times. Therefore any argument about gun safety in NZ is not one of being shoot in malice but one of accident prevention. Gun-related deaths in NZ is minimal with 19 in the last ten years before this event. This is not a mistake, only 19 in 10 years with New Zealand's population of 5 million. It is estimated there are around two guns for every person. Nearly all the accident are hunting deaths by people not identifying their targets or in the drug trade. Removing semi-automatic weapons would not have saved a single one of these lives. The two times there were mass shootings in NZ in living memory both were done with bolt action rifles. 4 – So this bill won't stop terrorist and will not decrease the number of deaths from firearms. I am not sure if the amount of times firearms are presented when police attend incidents have increased but that could well be true. What will it do? The gun industry is a multi-million dollar industry that employs thousands of people so 75% of them can most likely expect to lose their jobs. There are around three hundred gun shops in New Zealand so you could see half them close with the destruction of their lives and their families lives for nothing. Another scenario may arise where all the gun enthusiasts now have to buy new guns to fit the law. That would be a bonanza for the shops. 5- A similar gun stripping laws did nothing to stop deaths in Australia. 6- A person having a gun reduced the number of fatalities at the second mosque. 7- This is an attack on New Zealander's right to defend themselves against the totalitarian government. To have an armed population is one of the fundamental foundations of freedom. From time to time we may require to fight for this freedom from invading forces. However, people always have to defend themselves from an oppressive government. Disarming the population comes straight from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. The Neo Marxist handbook. We try to defend ourselves through the voting process but you reach a point where armed conflict arises. We could well be seeing this happening in France right now. This bill is a declaration of war on the people. The leader of the opposition described that passing this law was a no brainer and he is right. You would have to have no brain to pass it. Let us just reflect on this gun law. Start by removing the actual event and say it was a highly emotional event. Under these conditions, they ignored all the normal practices of select committees and public submission and I am sure another 5 or 6 procedures. These procedures are in place to protect the people from out of control government. An American politician said we should be proud of how fast the law was enacted but they should be utterly ashamed. Ignored all normal practice because they were upset. Pitiful!

John Podesta We are going to take a different direction now on the assumption that this was a planned event. Who could do it, how would you communicate it and who would know of the event. John Podesta is an American politician who is at the forefront of anti-gun laws and social totalitarianism in the USA. Heavily involved in Hilary Clintons presidential campaign. Five days before this event John Podesta came to New Zealand and while he was here he did an interview on News Hub. One of the worlds darker more evil characters. He has been accused of being a paedophile and Satanist. He states in the interview that the Wikileaks scandal came out of nowhere and was a lie. But that was not true. Just from memory, I know of two cases where his name comes up in paedophile cases. The Podesta brothers have had accusations against them for decades. Not since 2016 with the WikiLeaks scandal. During the Madeline McCann disappearance in 2007, an identikit picture of two suspects was widely shown. It was pointed out that the pictures showed a remarkable resemblance to two well-known people often accused of being heavily involved in paedophilia the Podesta brothers. The Podesta brothers were staying just a few kilometers away from where Madeline disappeared at that very same time. Police were asked questions about why they had not been interviewed. They were well known in podophile circles at least nine years before Pizzagate. When Andrew Breitbart the founder of USA's biggest new outlet was murdered for making accusations about podophiles in 2011 It was John Podesta he was naming. Podesta's boss Hilary Clinton was in New Zealand in the last year and is due again this May 2019. Hilary Clinton has had many accusers of the same type of things over the decades as well. Though most of them are dead now. She was once described as the Queen of Evil and John Podesta is an Arch Duke. John Podesta described New Zealand as a "Juicy target" not with worry but with glee and also an easy target. These are almost identical to how Tarrant describes New Zealand in his manifesto. Then the interview took a strange turn. The camera panned down to his hands and took a closeup of his hand movements. His hands were not moving in a nervous fashion but in a way that was clearly a signal to people. The signal was "it is going down". Four days later the shooting occurred. John Podesta is famously been shown with occult tattoos printed on his hands. The same occult symbols and numbers were on the rifles used. A story in the alternative media that has come up, again and again, was that he had a clandestine meeting with Adern to inform her what was about to happen and that the Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalzel was also in the loop. Jacinda Adren, NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern behaviour during this whole event has been very poor. From a sceptical point of view she put on a good performance. When a country suffers a calamity of this proportion we expect our leads to be the ones to stand tall. To keep calm and not make rash decisions. But what we saw from Adern was the very opposite. From a practical perspective, she really did panic and make poor practical decisions. Changing the gun laws though excessive anxiety that will, in fact, kill more people and not stop this kind of event happening again. What's going to happen when we get a really big crisis where ten's of thousands of lives are at stake? Is she going to hide under her desk and not stop crying? Is she having a re-occurrence of the anxiety problems that reportedly put her in a psychiatric unit when she was in the UK? Or is this all just for show. She also showed pitiful judgment in wearing head scarfs. This bowing down to Islam is so unsupportive to a woman across the Muslin world who suffer oppression. Every year more than 50 women are killed in Saudi Arabia for being women. Much more in Pakistan. When they cry out from their oppression for help and see a world leader submitting to the subjugation will hate the west more. Even though Jacinda leads the supposed workers/peoples party radical totalitarianism has very little to do with the good of the people. The EU is a good example of totalitarianism. They have no compassion for the worker or people in general. Another good example of this attitude towards ordinary people can be seen in the names that Adren stated hero Hilary Clinton called people, useless eaters, deplorable's and the sheeple. These days the world is owned by an extremely rich elite who employ a myriad of bureaucrats with totalitarian powers. This is Globalism where these people then try to protect themselves by taking away National powers so they can live in a world above the law. They said when they arrested Julian Assange that nobody is above the law but the whole point of Globalism is to make this elite group and their stooges able to live above the law. Jacinda is one of these bureaucrats and takes her orders from over sea's elite. Look at Theresa May to see this kind of radical in action, they care nothing to people. The term Globalist is not held in the loathing it should be, there really needs to be a new name. The new gun laws must have existed already it came out so fast. All standard tests of select committees and public submissions ignored. Under the cover of this story dominating the news a Euthanasia bill was put before parliament. This bill is so bad it will put an older person in danger every time they visit a hospital. Now what is coming through are draconian laws to restrict free speech. Are we really that asleep that they can think nothing of killing 50 innocent people to achieve their goals?

My opinion This is only my opinion based on my search for facts regarding this shooting. The facts have mainly come from articles in mainstream media. There are a number of option as to the reasons for this crime. 1- The mainstream narrative. That Tarrant was a lone psychopath and white nationalist who was able to kill a lot of people. The video, eyewitness reports show multiple shooters. He had no funds to travel the world or for his lifestyle. The inconsistencies in the narrative make it nonsensical. 2- That it was a revenge killing by the Mossad. This would be out of character for them. There is lots of circumstantial evidence around that suggests them. They were aware that young people were being radicalized at that Mosque and being sent overseas to fight. Tarrant was a Jew. But I get the impression that if this went wrong and they needed a new story then a whole Jewish/ Antisemitism narrative was the backup plan. 3- That this was a self-inflicted killing in order to use it for some agenda that only made sense in some pretty broken minds. There is no evidence pointing to this theory. 4- The inside job. This is a false flag event that has a very malevolent agenda. The most likely organizers of this event is the NZSIS. It makes no difference what party is meeting their agenda. The NZSIS is A-political and has not worked in New Zealand's interest or even for New Zealand in a very long time. It is a foreign agency. This event was arranged from overseas in a typical false flag style. Crisis-reason-solution is the way it always happens and very fast while peoples emotions are stirred up. This one was done very fast and poorly prepared. Maybe they thought that because New Zealand has no free press to speak of, that they could get away with it. The ruling political party was Globalist and the Prime Minister a radicalized totalitarian capable of anything. Clinton and Podesta's involvement is frightening as they are a Globalist group that is renowned for its awful sexual depravity. These people have been buying large amounts of land in the South Island as has been reported for a long time now. It was always thought that they were doing this to have a safe haven in the face of financial collapse. What worries me is this may not have been carried out as some ideological tenet were they make the people being defenceless. Are they aware of some major event going to take place that will cause an uprising by the people? A collapse of the US dollar, bond or derivative markets that will make the US banks close down. All the main Australian banks are owned by the US banks and nearly all NZ banks are owned by Australian banks. What happens when you can not get food. There certainly is enough dooms dayers out there claiming catastrophic events are about to happen. It certainly looks that way.

I will finish with what JFK said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Remember this moment in time. This is the point that the coming civil war became inevitable.

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