Election Fraud 2020

It has been amazing to watch the USA Presidential elections unfold so controversially. With the use of computer systems to possibly change the results. Whether they were rigged is up to each of us to make our own mind up. Should take you about five minutes. One of the accusations that came out was that the controlling server Scytl ( that’s pronounced skittle, no shame) system was used to change the results in every Commonwealth country. I was aware that New Zealand was having its elections interfered with to stop smaller parties developing leaving only the bigger controlled parties in parliament. This became obvious when in two elections in a row with first NZ First and in the next election with Collin Craig’s Conservative party. Both elections would have seen Labour fall close to being the third party in NZ. The % number of total voters fell from 84% to 74%, for no reason, an impossibility. These votes had to be removed on purpose.

We have heard the names Dominion, ES&S and Smartmatic and a number of other names being referred to. They fall into two categories. Machines as mentioned and control programs like Scorecard and Hammer. Do any of these programs or machines operate in the New Zealand elections?

In New Zealand we use a company called Catalyst. Even though that is the same name as a company owned by the USA Democrat party and does almost exactly the same thing this company is owned by Kiwis. At best incredibly suspicious. It was introduced into New Zealand in 2003 by Helen Clark’s Labour Government. Up until then the number of people voting was very consistent 90 to 92% every election. The same as Australia without it being compulsory. There were articles in Australia’s press talking about whether there was a need for it to be the law given New Zealand’s turnout. When I wrote an article for my blog about the fraud perpetrated against Colin Graig Wikipedia had these numbers. As more and more people started writing about it they changed all the figures to hide their tracks. They used to just take votes away but now they are making substantial changes up and down. Here is an interesting point, the year Helen Clark came to power in 1999 the penalty for treason was dropped from death to just fourteen years in prison. The same time Helen Cark was starting the voter fraud Barak Obama came to power in the USA. There used to be around 100million votes cast in the US but the year he got in that number jumped to 127 mil. The next years went 129 and 127 but this year that jumped to 158 million. Trump got 74 million there are 55 million fake votes that left Mr Biden just 29 million. The number of votes that Trump got was around 75%. That number has been spoken of in many places. In the non third world the USA are not the worst for voter fraud. That prize would go to Canada with France and Ireland running them close.

So what happened in the last New Zealand election. Even though the press had been painting Jacinda as our saviour she had in fact introduced policies that have harmed most Kiwis. Labour started at 38% but fell back to their previous levels of 25%. No matter what the press said to try and save Labour the vote would not move. In the end the press said their poll showed 49% and they simply changed the figures to match the result. Hoping no one would be the wiser. The reason the press in New Zealand are so aggressive in attacking the idea of voter fraud in the USA is because they are complicit in New Zealand’s fraud.

How do they do it? The votes are counted by hand in small groups, then the numbers are feed into a computer. No one sees the total number or very few so there is no one to say something is wrong. Then Catalyst changes the result to suit. Our elections have no integrity because there is no traceable audit trail.

So what were the results of our last election. It is rumoured that Trump well release all the election fraud data shortly. My guest is below There is some analysis and calculations of these numbers but only Jacinda, Grant , the people from the Electoral Commission and Catalyst know the true numbers.

Nat 34 Lab 25

Act 14 AV NZ 11



Greens Nowhere. We would still have had Jacinda with Judith and the Nat’s but the secret would be out that they are just both employees of overseas interests.