Why the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast.
And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger

Kabuki Theatre

The Kabuki theatre never ends. Just a reminder.

The Globalists, in the early 2000"s started a campaign to purchase or control every major news outlet of the world. The Government owned outlets became the first to fall but slowly they got to control the lot. So if you are watching TVNZ TV3 Prime reading the Herald or Stuff nothing you believe is the it is just all Kabuki Theatre.

The virus has never been sequenced and what this C19. It was involved in a court case in Canada where it was the challenge to the government to prove it existed. They needed to do that to pass some news laws. The government lost. Show us the proof.

Some basic stats. 
99.7% of all people you get Covid recover
65% of people have natural immunity and will never get it.
no major out break of a seasonal virus like Asian flu has ever lasted more than 18 mths.
95% of people of fatalities are people with serious illnesses already.
Lockdowns and other causes from bad economic conditions has deaths from other causes

The next bracket have the same problem. They do not work.

There are some studies done on the effectiveness of masks. Done with nurses who are professionals and work in a generally sterile environment. They show that in giving a virus or getting a virus you had an improved outcome of 15% for both. However, if you had non professional people involve you got no improvement for giving and you were worse off for catching and a lot worse off when all outcomes were looked at. So why th insistence of masks. At the Guantanamo Bay prison they practised torcher on the inmates. They would make them wear masks that would inhibit their breathing. Restricting your breathing is one of the main ways to make you panic. People how are drowning often panic. So when you wear a mask there is a subconscious feeling of fear and when you have this fear you are much easier to control. When you can not see someones face you can not connect to them because their emotions are blocked from you. Are they happy angry sad etc. you are disconnected from those around you. A very effective method of isolating you.
A bit boring because it requires little more than a statistical analysis to see how effective it is. Sweden, Belarus, Japan Thailand all had very limited to no lockdowns and they all got exactly the same results as everyone else. They did not lockdown because previous studies of lockdowns came up with that very result. So what do lockdowns achieve. They keep people isolated and more easily controlled. The lack of communication means the the people can not organise and build resistance.
Social Distancing 
Now I found this interesting. Other than it does not work. Even though the Swedish government did not require it the public in general imposed social distancing voluntarily. It seems you do not have to have a Nazi style government. Just ask the people respectfully an they will join in. The affects on people from distancing is also fascinating. Our bodies put out a magnetic field that we can sense. So when for some reason your husband or wife is away for the night and you feel a sense of emptiness there is a very real reason. Not only that you can also sense the rhythm of a persons heart beat and breathing. When you think someone is coming into your space they really are. At two metres you can no longer feel these giving you a sense of isolation. The main reason is an isolated person is much easier to control.

That the PCR test is very inaccurate. It can not tell you if you you have C19 but only corona virus. The part of a gene sequence that make one covid different from another is tiny and they have not found it yet. They can only test for Covid B group. There are numerous videos showing the inventor of the test say it should not be used for diagnosis. Also a German brand had it in the instructions not to use it for diagnosis. The new fast PCR which is being used is as trust worthy as throwing dice. There is official advice not to use it. If they are using any other test they all have even poorer performance.

The new strain of C19 Delta. There is no known scientific method of telling a new strain that does not take years of research. The virus, if it was typical of any other virus would have mutated away and resistance builds up, would have gone by now. If people are still dying it will be from the vaccine.

There does not appear to he any part of this vaccine that can fight a virus. The majority of it is Graphene oxide which is only any good for bar coding. People are now claiming that they can scan there arms, hands and foreheads and get a barcode number come up. I suspect that may be with some of the better phones.
A bit scary because that is a bit 666ish. Cure, Pine Needle tea Black Cumin Seed ? Graphene oxide is industrial poison and toxic to humans. Never approved for use in humans.


We saw endless pictures of a Covid disaster in India. Body floating down the rivers piles of body bags and panicked hospitals. When the media left to there next Kabuki show in Fiji and we were able to look at the numbers. We found that no more people than normal died during this time. That 94% of people already had serious medical conditions. This is the exact same story as all the shows they put on before.

Another show put on for the crowd.