Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come,and worship him who made heaven and earth

The view from the uttermost parts of the earth

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 Revelation's repeated story, 14 repeats 21 subjects, deep understanding.

Why most of what you think will happen at the end of the age is wrong.

By Warwick Frederikson

 If you read Revelations from front to back you get a series of events. Many have standard interpretations that we have come across many times before. The seals the trumpets the three angels the bowls of wrath and others. Now instead of looking at them as one story I will look at them as a series of short stories all covering different aspects of the same thing. Full Article

"Fear God" the cry of the 144000

By Warwick Frederikson

This article is back at the top because I have more understanding about what fear God means or its purpose for the end of the age. There is an extra paragraph on the fear God subject.

By Warwick Frederikson

The 144000 appear not only before the tribulation but before the fall of Babylon the Great. Who are they? The Israelites were scattered over much of the world so it could be anyone. But let us have a quick look at what happened to them. They were taken into exile around 800 BC by the Assyrian’s.    Full Article

Perfect Wisdom

By Chis Bunce

A thing that fascinates me about God is his perfect wisdom. He knows everything. That’s quite a statement, because it is literal. He knows every detail about everything that has ever been, he is omniscient. From the intricate

 details of how he put the universe together, to the thoughts, feelings and deeds , Full Article

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In response to a “test” from a Pharisee

 (a leading sect of Jews in New Testament

 times who were focused on a lot of rules)

Jesus said “’Love the Lord your God with

all your heart and all your soul and all your

mind.’ This is the first and greatest

commandment.” Matthew 22:37-38.

Full Article

Abaddon or Apollyon the only being more evil than Satan.

Who is he? It appears that he is the only character in the Bible worse than Satan. Lets look at the scriptures he

 appears in to see if we can shed some light

 on him. He appears by name seven times.

Three times in Job twice in Proverbs once

in the Psalms and once in Revelations. In

 Revelations Abaddon is also described as

the Angel of the bottomless pit. Read on

Europe in Revelations

By Warwick Frederikson

   We are coming to the end of the age and we need to be able to recognise what it is going to look like. The kings of the East the USA or the seventh head of the Mystery Babylon beast and of course Europe. Much has been written about Europe and a revived Roman Empire and most of it is nonsense. There a lot of variations out there

from people who have every complex reasoning

to get to their conclusions. Nearly all of these

 explanations have their origins from the eighteen

 hundreds. They had to extrapolate out from long

 ago. Now that we are at the very door and much

 of the end is right in front of us lets look.


By Chis Bunce

I’ve just finished reading “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel – a great read about the scientific evidence that points towards God. For this and the next few posts I’m going to summarise some of the main points made in that book. The theory that the universe had a beginning, as opposed to just an eternal existence, is now mainstream cosmology. Full Article


By Chis Bunce

A bit more from the book I read recently – “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel. In my last post, I quoted some of the scientific evidence contained in the book for the universe being caused by something.  In the arena of physics, something called the Anthropic Principle points to not only a cause, but to intelligent design of the universe.... More


By Chris Bunce

A final look at the fascinating book “The Case for a Creator,” by Lee Strobel. This time in the field of biology. One of the biggest discussion points is the issue of how life actually started. How did we get from lifeless chemicals, to the simplest single-cell organisms? One famous experiment, by Stanley Miller in 1953, claimed to have simulated the creation of life by “zapping” an approximation of the primordial soup with electricity...More

Earthquakes and natural disasters

New Zealand's coming disaster.

Do earthquakes and other natural disasters mean there is Gods judgement happening or is it just for the old testament. A question that has come into prominence in

New Zealand in recent months. A

well known pastor has claimed that

the earthquakes in Christchurch an

other major earthquakes have been

 just that.

Who are the hundred million in Revelations

By Warwick Frederikson

You may be asking yourself what is the title about? They get a number of mentions in Revelations and once in Daniel 7.  In Revelation 5 they just get mentioned as a number 10,000* times 10,000 sometimes called myriads of myriad  or one hundred million and as a great multitude. This number is also

mentioned in Daniel 7. Let us pick out the scriptures that mention this group of people and put some light on them. The following is a list. ..More


What lessons are to be learnt from the coming economic collapse.

By Warwick Frederikson

The world ever so slowly sinking in a mire of debt, lies and corruption. The end will be the rise of the Antichrist and the end of the age. We all have a list what we feel are the main reasons. The first and overriding reason for the collapse is man turning away from God. For interest sake lets look at how this worked out in real life...More

Fallen fallen is Babylon the great

This event is about to come upon us. So I thought I would dig up some scriptures and see what we can glean to give us a better idea of how this is going to unfold. I wonder which if any of the videos on You Tube are accurate. This event is mentioned twice in Revelations 18-2 and 14-8. Fallen fallen is Babylon or close to it

 is mentioned in Isaiah 21. That's the

same passage get the name of my

sight from. However, before we look

at these scriptures let us look at who

 Babylon is and what it is......More

Climate change arguments. The four choices


You hear this endless debate about climate change. Is it a man made event by pollution and the use of fossil fuels or are they natural changes that follow historic weather patterns. I am going to look at these two reasons for weather change and two more that do not make the news but are real reasons the weather can change.  There are four reasons for the dramatic increase in unusual weather events. Some explain the dramatic weather but others explain why we are also getting a ...More

By Warwick Frederikson

Another Gospel, Part 3

This is part three and final part of the series “Another Gospel” but first I would like to recap the first two parts. These are the Age of Laodicea” and “The White horseman”. These two parts lay the foundation of how the new Gospel comes about. The age of Laodicea lays the foundation and how it creates an environment for the White Horseman....More

The White Horseman, Another Gospel Part 2

To understand the White horseman we need to understand who the horsemen are. The coloured horsemen appear in first not in Revelations but in Zechariah 1. Red, Green and White Horsemen and they patrolled the earth seeing that everything was at peace. The most common version of who the White Horseman is that he is the Antichrist. ....More

The Age of Laodicea, Another Gospel Part 1

The letters to the churches have led to some debate. Are they just letters with no other meaning other than their face value or are they the different states that any church can fall into if the relationship with Jesus falls away. Could it be the ages of the churches through time or some combination of all three. Revelation 3;14 is where you will find the letter.....More

The Red, Black and Green (Pale) Horseman

To understand the Horseman we need to understand who the horsemen are. The coloured horsemen appear in first not in Revelations but in Zechariah 1. Red, Green and White Horsemen who have a roll to patrolled the earth seeing that everything was at peace. Whether singularly or as a team

of horses they are fulfilling a roll

that is the same as in Revelations.

 In Zechariah the third Horse is

definitely Green and the Black horse

does not get a mention. The White

Rider is covered in its own essay. He

 is the first of the riders to appear.

He appeared in the eighteen forties

and his roll was the destruction of

Christianity. However this essay is

about the other Horsemen........More


Christchurch Shooting, the facts


Tragedy has struck New Zealand with dozens of Kiwis having their lives terminated before their time. We have one life and it is sad when it is taken by a broken people. The Government has tried with unbelievable zeal to hide every bit of information other than their narrative while the alternative media speculates widely about the facts and conspiracies.  There is information out there and this is an attempt to inform the average Kiwi and people of the world what has happened. I will go through each subject and give as much information as I have gathered. Is every bit of information the exact truth, given the suppression of information can only guarantee 80% and the rest pretty close....More

Nine Heavens and Two Hells

By Warwick Frederikson

You would think that the facts on Heaven and Hell would be straight forward. However, I have found the very opposite to be true. You can find nine different places called heaven or heavens and two places called hell.

 This is compounded by internet sites often claiming things that are incorrect. The root cause of this are the words  ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’. More

Why is the answer to was creation made in seven days or 14 billion years YES

By Warwick Frederikson

Why is the answer to the question was creation made in seven days or 14 billion years yes. That's a unusual statement so lets see what the crazy man is talking about. The answer is in genesis 1. In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth.   Full Article

New zealands voting fruad Are there 250000 votes missing I was in a church group just before New Zealand’s 2014 election. A group of upper middle class traditional Anglicans with an average age of about 50 years. The question asked around the room was - “Who are you going to vote for?” 60% said Conservative, 20% said National and the rest were undecided. This very much took me by surprise because if this group was typical? Full Article
Perfect Love
By Chris Bunce
Perfect love.   Unconditional love. Infinite love.
Hard to conceive.
Not the kind of love that professes exclusivity and then six months later is found sordidly rutting with the nearest available alternative. Full Article

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The Last Kings of the world

By Warwick Frederikson

This is not suppose to be a divine prophecy but a speculation on the characters involved in the end of the age. The last king of Israel is really out there but interesting.    Full Article

Who are the biggest drug cheats.

By Warwick Frederikson

As we head into the end of the age we will find it impossible to tell what is true and what is false. The current controversy of drug cheating and the Russians is dominating the current Olympics. Are they cheating or is this politics can we get a little discernment from this?Drug cheating in sport despite huge efforts to stamp it out is at epidemic proportions. Read on

What is the new Gospel

..More    By Warwick Frederikson