Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come,and worship him who made heaven and earth

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All roads lead to the elite. The people who own the banks have behaved in a ridiculous way for an number of years. The fact is they have lost their money and should be closed down. We should be seeing Jacob Rothschild down at Waterloo Station with a cup in his hand begging. It is time to deal with the too big to save banks.
 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

Surveillance Capitalism.

Shoshana Zuboff.


This is really a video about how we are no longer individuals but only numbers. This video is full of all kinds of interesting information. You may need to go through it twice.

The fight for economic freedom with John Adams.


Australia has a government that is controlled by overseas banking. They are trying to introduce new laws that only help overseas interests. More Australians are falling into poverty faster than any other Western style country. Here are some voices crying out about this loss of freedom.

Slaying the Dragon within.

An early video of Jordan Peterson showing has always been articulate. As always it is full of lots of facts.

The fires in Australia is creating a lot of name calling over the Climate Change debate. These fires are nothing to do with the Carbon Climate debate . it is very much to do with the sun and the solar minimum. If we looked at the normal science that we have been using for the last 100 years these fires in Australia were predictable. There should have been a great deal of preparation to minimise the damage. In fact the Global warming debate has stopped what should have been done. They are in fact the murderers of the lives lost in Australia.

Monarchy Meets Liberalism.


Doctor Steve uses the Megan Markle and Prince Harry incident to expand on the effects of Liberalism. This is a bit heady so put your thinking cap on and listen to him a couple of times.

More and more scientists are calling out the carbon hoax. They are all over the world. As we hear the words "the science is settled". They are correct in a sense, it is settled. It is a hoax.

One very poor decision and led to to a whole range of consequences. This is a classic example and the Alex's cover it well.

5G Kills Bees

5G is quite controversial yet in New Zealand it is being put in without a murmur. The Green Party in New Zealand is like most other Green Party's. In its more about  political activism and very little to do with green issues. They pick the high profile issue and go on about it but any issue that is not high profile is ignored. If they gave a toss about the  environment they would be causing riots to stop the 5G networks coming. This could devastate New Zealand farming and Tourism

Good interview.

Some more facts about the coming economic collapse.