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To understand the Horseman we need to understand who the horsemen are. The coloured horsemen appear in first not in Revelations but in Zechariah 1. Red, Green and White Horsemen who have a roll to patrolled the earth seeing that everything was at peace. Whether singularly or as a team of horses they are fulfilling a roll that is the same as in Revelations. In Zechariah the third Horse is definitely Green and the Black horse does not get a mention. The White Rider is covered in its own essay. He is the first of the riders to appear. He appeared in the eighteen forties and his roll was the destruction of Christianity. However this essay is about the other Horsemen

Red Horseman

There is not much to say on this horseman. He has been very active in the last 100 years. When you here of wars and rumours of wars from many far off places. This statement in Matthew is as much a comment on the news service as it is about wars. It would have been astonishing to Matthew that we could see these wars as they happened flooding into our living rooms in untold mega pixels.  We have become so accustom to war and civil wars it's a shock when you list countries that have some soldiers fighting somewhere. Much easier to list the non warring countries. The red rider has a great sword. I assume that if he had an ordinary sword he would have caused ordinary wars and if he had a great sword he would cause great wars. I would place his appearance before WW1 and WW2. The Red rider scores an A plus.

Is there a point in time before the World wars the we can see a sudden change in the number of wars around the world. A quick study reveals there is a point in the late 1800's. Up until 1880 there was around 20 wars starting up per decade in the world. In the mid1880's there was a sudden leap to over 50 per decade and increased per decade since then. If the white horseman appeared in 1844 the red horseman made his appearance 40 years later in 1884. The black horseman should make his appearance around 1924. Lets have a look.

Black Horseman

The white and Red horsemen fit together with Matthew well the next two riders not so much. Matthew says Nation will rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. This should have happened in the mid 1920's to fit in with the first two riders. In the mid 1920's two major events happened that caused this the conflict. Firstly the Soviet Union started. The true Soviet Union came into existence when Stalin took over in 1924. The battle of the USSR and the west caused world wide conflict between nations. In 1924 the Federal Reserve was set up in the USA. This Reserve bank and the whole reserve bank system has been a miserable failure and the main cause of money imbalances. It was by individuals in order to give an elite a dominating power  over the entire earth. Why the reserve banks cause massive imbalances and poverty is a book in it's own right. Interesting reading if you have the time. The result caused and is still causing at an ever increasing rate

The Black rider  has a pair of scales in his hand. We think today of scales being justice but to John it would have been trade. The balancing of one weight against another. Today, as has always been, there is a different standard of justice between the rich and the poor. Prices of goods are being set not by demand but by the will of the seller if he has control. We see that in the rise of the multinational companies and international banks. They just do what they want without fear of punishment. This has all been established using the reserve bank system.

The control of food prices and how you are to buy them are plain to see.  However once we get into the tribulation things are going to get very bad. We are seeing the mechanics of how the mark of the beast will work in front of eyes right now. Add the new block chain technology and the unlimited control it gives. The control will be absolute. Note that the more expensive items are not to be touched. A reflection of the gap between rich and poor and the different standards of justice between the rich and poor.

The last rider is to come if White 1844, Red 1884, Black 1924, the Pale or Green Horseman will be 1964.

Pale or Green horseman.

Matthew 24 says “and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. “ and Revelations says “And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth “ Matthew adds earthquakes to the equation. We will start with earthquakes. Like wars and the red rider the amount of earthquakes was reasonably consistent over the decades. With around 1500 a year over 4 on the Richter scale. In the sixties that amount doubled to 3000. Seventies 6000, eighties 12000, nineties 24000, two thousands 48ooo and the last decade has seen over 100,000. This fits the pattern that each of these riders went out forty years apart. The same patterns can be seen is disastrous weather patterns causing famine in many places. The pictures of starving people mainly bursting on to our TV screens in untold mega pixals come from Africa but this has been a world wide pattern.

The green rider is followed by Death and Hades. Who are Death and Hades. Death and Hades are names of the most important Angels/Beasts in Sheol. Sheol appears to be dived into three regions. The closest to us is Hades who also gives his name to the place. The next level is Death and the lowest is the bottomless pit where Abaddon reigns. The bottomless pit is for fallen Angels. Later on in Revelations it say that Hades, Death and the sea give up their death for the final judgement of men. Abaddon is not mentioned. A reason why there will not be Giants or Nephilim in the last days. But that is a story for another time.

The Pale Green rider and the colour green is interesting and it's relationship to a quarter of the worlds population. The only defined group that is quarter of the worlds population are the Muslims. The African countries being hit time and again with droughts are the Muslim countries or parts of countries that are Muslim. National colour is Islam is green. Green is on many flags of Muslim countries. Muammar GadaffiIn once described the struggle between Muslin countries and the west as the battle between the white and the green. 1964 the Arab League was set up which quickly lead to the 1967 Israeli war. A disaster for them. There has been increasing violence ever since. With a great increase over the last decade with the Obama Wars.(Arab Spring)





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