“If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

Climate Change Choices

Climate change arguments. The four choices

You hear this endless debate about climate change. Is it a man made event by pollution and the use of fossil fuels or are they natural changes that follow historic weather patterns. I am going to look at these two reasons for weather change and two more that do not make the news but are real reasons the weather can change. There are four reasons for the dramatic increase in unusual weather events. Some explain the dramatic weather but others explain why we are also getting a dramatic increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity. The two extras are the collapse of the worlds magnetic field that protects us from the suns radiation and the last but most likely is in Leviticus that the land will reject the people because of their wickedness.

Global warming caused by humans.

This has been pushed hard by the Globalists. They see it as a great tool for reducing countries sovereignty. Paris climate accord is a very effective weapon in their armoury to achieve their agenda. Why is this theory the lest likely to be the cause of the increasingly wild weather? The good aspect of global warming is that it does target pollution. No matter how much you disagree with it the planet still ends up better off.

We will start with the current rate of CO2 is 400ppm. To get some idea that is 4 cents to $10,000. This gas has been increasing and it is probably true that some of this increase has been caused by human activity. Because it is a small amount a doubling of the CO2 would give only a fraction of 1% temperature rise. During the last Ice Age the CO2 was ten times higher than today. So CO2 is a tiny part of our atmosphere that is not doing anything out of the ordinary. A man named Al Gore and another named R Pachuari won a Noble peace prize when they produced chart showing that the temperature of the Earth was increasing The graph showed an increase of .8 degrees. 80% of one degree. This rise will continue unless we do something about the man made pollution. Three problems jumped out at this proposition. When the formula of the maths behind the graphs was studied it was found to be wrong. It was not a scientific formula but one for show. Made so they could add a small change to get the desired change. The weather is an extremely complicated thing. A list of component parts is long, more than two hundred different causes, it is not possible to get a formula. Secondly, the CO2 in the atmosphere is self correcting. The more CO2 the faster plants grow taking more CO2 out of the atmosphere. Lastly, the historical evidence has CO2 much higher than it is today without any effect. Historical evidence, which we will cover more later is that the weather we are experiencing is exactly what the historical evidence people say should be happening normally. With the science of Global warming being challenged they started to use pseudo-science or formulas that are adjusted to suit. It is called Pseudo-science but gravy train science is a better description. The most interesting thing about the Global warming arguments they use is the language they use. The evidence is incontrovertible or a Global warming denier. Worse than that is any Climate scientist who says it is wrong will loss their job. The list of people losing their jobs is very long.

Now that the science involved in this theory has been been bought into doubt or even disrepute. Climate scientists are getting bolder and more are starting to risk their careers and coming out and saying it is not happening. You also have scientists being caught time and again falsifying figures. For all intents and purposes Global warming is dead. However, globalists and scientist who are living on a gravy train are fighting to the bitter end.

One last figure is the temperature of the earth has not changed in the last twenty years. Another amusing fact is to do with the Arctic. When they started this was one of the things they pointed to was the stinking ice levels. Along with dramatic pictures of starving polar bears. Just about to the day the Arctic ice levels started rising again until today where the amount of ice is at average levels. The CO2 increase does not explain well why we are at the same time as the weather pattern changes we are seeing a dramatic increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity the same way the next three events can explain it.

Why are they so determined to push this even though the science is bad. The Globalist agenda is bad but this could easily back fire and do their plans terrible harm. There is a far more sinister aspect to climate change that we come across in the next cause of climate change, historical patterns. I have a suspicion that we may see the real answer to this insanity in the look at the earth's magnetic field.

Historical cycles

Through the study of growth rings on trees, taking sample of ice cores and deep cores into the ocean floor we can get a reliable picture of weather patterns. What we get is very consistent cycles. There are two hundred year cycles, four hundred year cycles and thousand year cycles. Some names of cycle are Solar retrograde cycle, Milankovitch Cycle and Orbital Stretch cycle. There are nineteen year cycles and cycles of the moon and cycles of the sun all effecting our weather. We have known about these cycles for millennia with the most famous weather predictor being Stone Henge. It is the reason Stone Henge rock patterns are repeated all over the globe. It is not spacemen but everyone has the same weather cycles. The thousand year cycle has nine hundred years of normal weather and a hundred years of warmer weather. We are currently at the very end of a hundred year warm period. In history you have seen unusual activity with the movement of people. One thousand years ago we saw the rise of the Normans a cold weather people who's population suddenly expanded. A thousand years before that you had the Romans expanded up into Northern Europe. A thousand years before that you had a migration of peoples from the Mediterranean into Europe. The other main cycle is the four hundred year cycle which is caused by a decrease in sunspots. This quite period of the sun is called The Maunder Minimum”. Also known as the little Ice Age cycle. We are starting to head into one of these minimums now. We are getting a cross over of these cooling cycles and we are going to head into a mini ice age. Is this the insidious plan of the Globalists coming into effect. One of the plans of the Globalists is to reduce the worlds population. All these warm weather hybrid plants are going to get wiped out with the cold weather. The Globalists are being driven out of the USA under Trump and taking up residence in Europe. Europe is going to be the worst effected place on earth. Russia and China are well aware of the coming ice age and are making preparation. China is moving whole communities away from areas that will not be able to sustain life. Russia does not need to go to war with Europe they will just walk in when two thirds of Europeans are dead. There is a migration problem that they are not willing to face up to. Will we see this problem disappear with a mass migration back to warmer places? I think so.

The magnetic field failure.

A simple concept that as the magnetic field decreases more energy from the sun in its various forms of radiation hit earth. This heats the earth making the weather more serve and the earth's crust more active. This does not happen evenly causing more stress in some areas. As we are all aware the magnetic field is vital to our survival and small changes have an effect that can be far reaching beyond weather and natural disasters. This ranges from birds and insects getting interference in their magnetic systems to holes developing in the magnetosphere leading to burst of high levels of radiation. An event that could leave a third of vegetation being burnt off. A Revelations event.

The weakening of the magnetic field has lead to a reversal of poles in the past is current theory. We have no records of what happens when a reversal occurs but it is a commonly held opinion that it is bad. But, back to the weather. The increase in radiation hitting the earth will heat the waters of the oceans and the oceans generate the severity of our weather. Small increases in radiation has a far greater effect on our weather than huge increases in CO2 will ever have. The magnetic field has been slowly decreasing for centuries but the has been a much faster decrease over the last 40 years. It is decreasing at about 5% per decade at the moment. It is suspected that this could be part of the magnetic field reversal about to happen but it is only speculation. However, magnetic field reversal is bad. There is plenty of great information about this event out there.

Why is our magnetic field changing is a hard question to answer as we are not truly certain how anything works. How the earth generates its magnetic field is pure speculation. Here is what we do know. The suns magnetic field has been increased by 230% since 1900. This expansion of the magnetic field is allowing more radiation to escape from the sun. The suns magnetic field reverses every eleven years and when this reversal happens there is a burst of plasma going out into the solar system a kind of burst of stardust. The stardust has the effect of heating up the the whole solar system. The effects are strange, where our moon had no atmosphere to speak of it now has a 6000km atmosphere of a of an element called Natrium. Mercury's magnetic field has increased to the extent that it is so protected that frozen poles are starting to form. Venuses brightness has increased 2500 times and its atmosphere has gone through major changes in just the last forty years. On Mars there were icecaps, they have now disappeared. Jupiter is changing colour. It doesn't stop there with similar strange thing happening on Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. We are seeing changes to the weather on earth the same as what is happening over the entire solar system. Also the earth's axis has tilted more in recent years. This is the cause of the vast increases in natural disasters 400, 500 and 1000% increases. There is nothing we can do about this but pray and trust in the Lord and his perfect plan. We can not work out what will this bring me back to the beginning and the CO2 argument. There is nothing we can do about the effects of the weakening magnetic field. Do the Globalists know this and gave come up with a plan get as many people to survive as possible without mass global panic. Considering how evil their behaviour is, not likely.

The real reason for the natural disaster. Wickedness.

Leviticus 18 6-28 Jeremiah 32-34

There are sexual sins that are an abomination. Incest, Adultery, homosexuality and bestiality. Two other sins that are an abomination, child sacrifice and setting up idols in a house that bares the Lords name. Denying justice and oppressing the poor, weak, widows and orphans also come with extreme warnings.

There is not a lot you can add to this. The warning is plain that if you behave wickedly in the above areas the land will reject you. The Israelites were warned that this is one of Gods principles. The wickedness today easily meets the evil of the people who were driven out of the land before the Israelites. We have child sacrifice (abortion), no justice, sexual immorality in all its forms and oppression of the poor, widows and orphans. It is so far beyond the wickedness of the past we fall into the area of judgement that has an effect on the very earth itself.

Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgement has come, “ This is the real reason for the dramatic increase in every type of calamity coming upon the earth. In greater numbers and power. This is going to get worse as time goes on. Get ready for a rough ride into the end of the age.