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How Google controls your mind.

Corberts Reports look at the Federal Reserve is a look at all central banks. Their responsibility in wars and financial  shocks that have caused so much of the misery of the last century.

Brian Taylor
 With Aaron Ironside

How to Fix Justice.

In the USA the problems with the justice system is one of corruption. Judges making decisions for all kinds of reasons with justice not being one of them. The rest of the world suffers from the problem the our justice system has evolved into a legal system. This legal system overwhelms a country with legislation. This legislation causes the economy to grind to a halt. No matter how much lying they do there is not a western country that does not have an unemployment rate of around 20%. How do you fix the problem, well that's anyone's guess.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Global Warming.

An interesting speech by an Conservative Professor in the Cultural Marxist world of American Universities.

The end of the Petrol dollar system is a lot easier said than done because of the consequences. It is certainly beneficial long term but the short term consequences would be horrific. This would cause a collapse in the USA dollar  which would bring down all the to big to save banks.

Boris Johnson is certainly an unusual character. Some would have given him this plan based on who knows what. An interesting video.

The rest of the world can not grasp the utter evil that is prevailing in Canada. This is a look at the insanity that is currently happen in Canada with their new euthanasia laws.

Corona Virus from the Iranian point of view. Kevin Barrett looks at the Virus and gives an interesting opinion.


Hell No


We have all heard the stories about Mr Putin. How he is some kind of monster. Well maybe that was all propaganda and in fact the reason they hate him because he is the last Christian King.

The Origins of Political Correctness. If you ever thought of looking at one of these videos you need to look at this one. This well give you a good understanding of what is going on around us today.

Climate Emergency (Climate Hoax)


A Corbett Report video mocking the Carbon Hoax enjoy

Jim Mattis on Call Sign Chaos.


He is a man with intimate knowledge of what is happening in the world

Media remains silent


Another story about how the media is complicit with the false narrative. One day the people are going to rise up and many traitors are going to receive the punishment s that any traitor would receive.  At the head of the queue of people going to jail or worse are going to be people in the media who knowingly betrayed the people.

Merkel Panics

Germany is in the process of change but what Germany turns into is yet to be determined. Women Political leads who have long term reign have the most appalling records. Indira Gandhi left India with a bureaucracy that was a crushing burden on the country that left hundreds of millions in poverty. Margaret Thatcher destroyed British Industry.  Helen Clark Left New Zealand with out of control government. Now Merkel has not only wrecked the Germany economy but is causing the EU to collapse.

Hide the Decline


Most countries are under the control of Totalitarian Socialist. Margaret Thatcher said the problem with socialism is you run out of other peoples money to spend. So what happen when you run out is two fold. First is you print money with all the problems that comes with that. After that you lie you lie about everything and everything becomes devoid of any sense of right and wrong.


The Corbett report ran its annual Fake News awards. How they could ever choose is hard to image as the news narrative has become weirder and weirder. The mainstream media could not recognise the truth it it jumped up and hit them on the proverbial. It is good for a laugh, enjoy.