“If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

Is the Vaccine the Mark of the Beast

Is the vaccine the Mark of the Beast.

This question is coming up again and again. Is the vaccine the mark of the beast? Most Christians think we are heading into the end of the age. Wickedness is out of control and good is being called evil and evil good. Every kind of sexual perversion is being defended. Soon it well be 2000 years from when Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave. That is 6th of April 2029. Seven days after that an asteroid called Apopheus will streak across the earths skies. The closest ever recorded. It will be a fantastic display if it does not actually hit the earth. The truth be known when an asteroid gets that close the earth gravity pulls it in. So barring some kind of miracle it is going to hit the earth. Now this vaccine is being forced upon everyone even though it has not been, fully tested, and is causing a lot of deaths. Information is being withheld but still there is enough coming out from independent sources for and educated analysis of the vaccine and what it is doing. Te calm that there is even an unusual virus is still up in the air. They still have years to go in sequencing it out. Calms that there are these variants are pure science fiction. Put out by the media to push the various agendas.

Is the Vaccine the Mark of the Beast.

The vaxx’s have been a mystery as to what is in them. So the independent world has throw millions of dollars at researching what has been given to us. These are the things that can be proven.

There are at least three types of mRNA in there.

1) The Covid 19 spike protein maker.

2) A protein Cytosin that is one of the proteins in the DNA.

3) Luciferase. A emzyne that attaches to your mitochondria that emits a glow that is readable.

Eggs of a parasite called Hydra Vulgaris

Hydrogel with nano technology. Self assembling little robots.

Solid pieces of metal some with circuitry on them.

Graphene hydroxide

So what are these things doing would take a book in its own right. We are interested in whether they met the criteria of any of the events in Revelations. Namely is it the mark of the beast but does it met any other event.

I will not cover what the Covid19 spike protein and the Hydra Vulgaris and what it is doing. Just a quick comment that what they did to this parasite is so brilliant they almost deserve to enslave us as a prize. Another comment is one on the visions people have reported about this time. If people they see have heads of dogs then this is a vision about the vaccine. The name Hydra comes from the Greek and a many headed creature. But Hydra in Latin means dog. If the vision is of a man with a long horse shaped face it is a vision of the Lords army that sweeps the world on the Last Day. The Covid 19 mRNA changes your DNA and it is permanent. Every time you get sick or attacked by some unwanted virus your body will produce the spike protein and that is any type not just Covid. The spike protein produces antibodies and these anti bodies are pick up by the Antigen test. If you take one of the antigen test it will test positive to any virus you may have. Never take them.

The protein Cytosin one of the four DNA proteins. It was obvious early on the peoples DNA was being damaged. Now it turns out that it is far worse than just damage your DNA is being changed. The code in our DNA are A TC G. We can relate that to the binary code of 1 0’s that we use in our computers. Using four digits we lead to a much more complicated and great set of outcomes. There are two components to the outcomes of the genetic code. First there must be a language that the body understands and that language is use to create a computer program or DNA program. They are two distinct things both of which took an extremely intelligent entity to put together. This is impossible to happen by chance. In fact it is solid proof of the existence of God. It shows a systematic, logical and intelligent God. When we look at the worlds religions we only see Christianity and the Pseudo Christian religions (I include Islam as a Pseudo Christian religion ) meeting that criteria. Science has reached the point where we can believe in God by what we observe and never need an once of faith. That is profound when you look at the underlying principles of life.

Our bodies are the temple of God. The third temple is us. We are made in the image of God by our DNA. There are so many ways that our DNA tells us we belong to God and are the temple. So what happens when we Change our DNA by messenger RNA nucleoside and Cytosin proteins? We are blaspheming against God with our bodies. This is the abomination that causes desolation.

Firstly and principally the mRNA Covid19 vaccine is the ABOMINATION THAT CAUSES DESOLATION.

What about the rest of the ingredients of this abomination.

Hydrogel nano technology.

Now the real reason for the scam. Any body who has had a vaccine has been chipped. The self assembling nano’s joint up with the larger bits of technology and formed micro chips. The photos of peoples blood have shown these microchips slowly growing. The use the graphene hydroxide as an antenna to send messages to your phone that is then connected to the internet.

To fantastic to believe? Take out your cell phone (all phones are a bit different) and go to the blue tooth options. It will probably have a section called additional options. You find a section with a title saying something like Show devices without names. It shows the Mac addresses. Test this out for yourself. When you are at home by yourself and in small groups. Try it out in larger groups. The number of Mac addresses increases accordingly. I have been testing this for at least six months and what I have noticed is more and more people are not coming up in the test. Either the chips are moving into a new phase that can not be read or some problem is occurring. The chips have stopped work or the the far more likely scenario that peoples bodies are ejecting the graphene hydroxide aerials. That is why they will make it so you have to wear an invisible mark on your right hand or forehead. This has already been developed and is like a small band aid and very hard to see with the naked eye.

So in conclusion on the nano technology it is the means by which the mark of the beast system operates.

The Luciferase

What is Luciferase?

Watch this video to get a better understanding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySZCdJz5Oac


It is a reporter assay enzyme. It allows for gene expression analysis, Promoter structure analysis and SNP analysis among other things. It is a natural substance from fire flies that causes them to glow. It is pronounced Lu ci fe raise. It is by Gods mighty hand that it also reads as Lucifer- Ace. The Luciferase that is in the shots has been genetically modified and patented. The last six numbers of this patent number are 060606. These numbers are given randomly but this is another example of Gods mighty hand. They make there way into each cell and react with the cell to produce a glow the strength of which is dependent on the state of the cell. This glow or photon of light can be analysised. Then given a code. It you were looking at the skin of those people been given the vaccine you would have noticed that most of them went very yellow. When I first saw it I thought the vaccine was giving people terrible liver problems. It was the same colour. People would rotate between yellow and very pale. Then I learned that they had discover Luciferase in the VAX. There is also a blue Luciferase in some of the brands. This is from bacteria with the ability to glow.

Luciferase gives your bio-metric number and it is The Mark of the Beast. However, even though people like Bill Gates have been saying these thing will happen as plainly as possible the media has been involved in a giant fraud. You have taken the mark of the Beast but effectively you have been tricked into it. When the patch comes along then the rubber will really hit the road.