“If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

New Zealand's Earthquakes

Earthquakes and natural disasters

New Zealand's coming disaster.

Do earthquakes and other natural disasters mean there is God's judgement happening, or is it just for the Old Testament. A question that has come into prominence in New Zealand recently. A well-known pastor has claimed that the earthquakes in Christchurch and other major earthquakes have been just that. He pointed out the statistics for Christchurch for numerous crimes was very high. That homosexuality and liberal humanism was also rampant. So I asked myself a question. Does God use these kinds of events since Jesus and the New Testament or do we just live in a world of time and chance, and it is inevitable that we will get hit by an earthquake in New Zealand. The islands have numerous fault lines running through them. We don't get many scriptures from a historical standpoint in the New Testament about earthquakes. We have, when Jesus died and gave his last breath, there was a great earthquake and the curtain in the temple was ripped. An angel came down from heaven and when his foot touched the earth, there was an earthquake and the stone blocking the door of the tomb rolled away. In Acts 16;26 there was an earthquake when Paul was in prison and the prison doors all opened. So, does God used earthquakes since Jesus came? The answer is yes. But is every earthquake an acted of God, probably not, but it is wrong to believe it never is. When an earthquake strikes, we need to search to see if God is saying something. There are several principles that transcend the old and new testaments. Leviticus 18;24-30 is one of them. If you practice wickedness, then the land will vomit you out when you make it unclean. A scripture used by the Pastor to back his statements.

What do we look for? To start with, why did the whole of New Zealand get to hear this warning. This pastor has a very checker past and should have been ignored. However, for some reason the entire of New Zealand heard it as it made the secular news. I do not think the devil would like this made public. It has the hand of God written all over it. As we rush headlong into the end of the age, there are numerous scriptures that say there will be a great increase in wickedness in the last days. 2 Timothy 3;2-5 is a perfect example. The result of which will lead to a great increase in natural disasters, and, of course, earthquakes is one of them. New Zealand has no exemption from this horrendous increase in wickedness that all other countries are suffering. In fact, we are probably worse than most countries. For nine years we had a gay Prime Minister who attacked the moral standards of New Zealand with her social engineering. Once she was ousted, we got what, we thought, would be a better government. However, we did not look at the principles of wickedness properly. Things like murder and adultery etc. are listed many times, but these are the result of the turning away from a more basic principle. Which is, love your neighbour as yourself. In the Old Testament it is spelt out a bit more and that is to look after the weak and poor, the widow and the orphan. Now, for the last eight years, New Zealand has suffered a government that has attacked these very foundations of God's purpose. As a nation, we have done very will financially, but this money has not got down to the poor, and we have large numbers of people living in poverty. We have seen recently this battle between the globalist elite and nationalism. New Zealand is totally controlled by the globalists, and we have seen our government follow a wicked Globalist agenda time and time again. The rich both in New Zealand and overseas are asset striping the wealth of the country. The result of this murderous agenda is tens of thousands of Kiwis suffering and dying before their time. Christianity in New Zealand has seen the collapse of faith in the mainstream churches. We have also seen the rise of the Mega church and the preaching of the new gospel. The 'all you need is love' or 'what you need is to enjoy everyday life'. Very few churches are full of life and power. The bible says this wickedness will result in natural disasters. Are the earthquakes striking New Zealand the result of wickedness? The answer is a great big fat YES.

 So the question is not “is this the result of God's punishment” but why Christchurch? Did Christchurch draw the short straw, and it was just bad luck, or was there more to it. The Pastor described the wickedness of Christchurch with a list of the main sins. But Wellington has far more people supporting liberal humanism and the Utopian agenda that goes with it. Auckland has a far greater Gay community, violence and other religions than Christchurch. The two things I see as the main reasons that Christchurch was chosen ahead of other cities are, The Wizard of Christchurch and his being made an official representative of the city. This is not just the one man but an organisation that has official pixies going all over the city casting spells and the Christians there have just stood by and did nothing. The formal worship of another God. B The appointment of a woman bishop to the largest congregation in Christchurch. This appointment is open rebellion to the word of God by most Christians in the city. They also had several court cases that resulted is unjust convictions of weak and defenceless people. These are real disaster resulting sins.

So where to from here. We have a Pastor being used by God to give us a warning for which he has been attacked. Not only by the secular media but by Christians and Christian media up and down the country. Now, to add more to this story, there is another way you can bring disaster onto your country. This is to do harm to Israel. Recently, a remit was put forward in the United Nations to split Israel up. To take away land and to split Jerusalem, and the country that put forward this remit was New Zealand. You would think that New Zealand would be friends with Israel, and you would be right for the people. However, our Government has been abducted by Globalist lapdogs who do what they are told. They have no idea of the calamity they can bring upon New Zealand.

Have the people listened to the warning, NO. Has the church listened to the warning, MOSTLY NO. Have we continued to act in an increasingly wicked manner, YES? There will be another major disaster. To date, we have been blessed with very little lose of life. If we do not turn dramatically back to God, the next disaster will result in massive loss of life.

Warwick Frederikson