“If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

Olympic Drug Cheats

Who are the biggest drug cheats.


As we head into the end of the age we will find it impossible to tell what is true and what is false. The current controversy of drug cheating and the Russians is dominating the current Olympics. Are they or is this politics can we get a little discernment from this?

Drug cheating in sport despite huge efforts to stamp it out is at epidemic proportions. High profile sporting events like the tour de France have been severely tarnished by scandals. Jokes like "Tour de Pharmacy" and "When I was on holiday in France I hired a cycle for exercise. When they eliminated all the drug cheats I got third place in one of the stages"flourish. In the past the old USSR and their satellite states where cheat  to gain political advantage. The athletes got a very distinctive muscle structure. Today you see Serena Williams and Sir Chris Hoye (a British Cyclist) with muscle structures that scream drug cheat. You also get people who where average performers all of a sudden becoming world beaters. The name we all have heard is Usian Bolt and a whole British cycling team. They suddenly had a dramatic change in results. The Chinese swimming team also had a dramatic change from. When asked about it what caused this they said they had a new natural diet. Someone told them to stop eating the fruit of the Anabolic Steroid tree it is cheating. Host nations can often get a small boost in medal counts.

There are no magic wands in sport. Some have small advantages but in general the results should be consistent with each other. For a country to get a vastly better haul of medals it is just not possible. With the destruction of the concepts of honour and integrity cheating is just a normal way of life.

Currently with this scandal about Russia's organised drug cheating and they are going to ban their athletes. With politics in sport out of control and cheating virtually impossible to uncover is there a way of getting some idea who is cheating. Most countries around the world will have similar coaching and facilities so you should see a similar pattern in medals won. The smaller and wealthier the population the more likely to get better results. Large populations and poorer counties should do worse but lets see.  I will do a list of medals to population to see if Russia sticks out. It should be getting similar results to say Germany, Italy and France. The order is descending from the total medals won at the last Olympic Games in London.

Medals per million people.

USA                             .32

China                            06

United Kingdom      1.02

Russia                         .56

South Korea               .56

Germany                    .54

France                         .52

Australia                   1.40

Italy                             .47

Hungary                   2.00

Japan                          .31

Ukraine                       .44

New Zealand            2.90

Sweden                       .80

Brazil                           .08

Jamaica                     4.44

Holland                      1.10

You can see that Russia is either not doing anything different from other European counties or they are the worlds worst at drug cheating. Given their Soviet history in organised drug cheating that is not possible. The whole thing looks like a political setup. Ruining the Olympics to score brownie points against Putin. If the games were in a close ally and not Brazil this would never have arisen. So Russia is not cheating, or minimal cheating, what of the other unusual results. I will give them a cheating value based on their result out of the norm.  New Zealand and Hungary. Both small countries that did particularly well in one sport. Hungary won seven or nearly half of their medals in Kayaking. New Zealand did very well in Rowing and well in water sports in general. These results are not particularly surprising. Australia puts a lot of money into sport. It has a great climate and a population of just 25 million. Still that seems a bit high. Recently some of their high profile sports people have produced positive drug results. There has been some scandals in the NRL and AFL with organised drug abuse as well. With all that money available and results needed the temptation is to much. Drug cheating is not organised but still a significant amount going on. Jamaica, it is common knowledge that there is a lot of drug cheating going on. There is big money around for top sprinters. This country of 2.7 million people is producing better sprinters than the USA with 50 million African Americans alone and with their college system it is completely unbelievable result. Wide spread drug cheating probably not organised. That brings us to the United Kingdom. It won medals at twice the rate of other European countries. It was winning medals at an expected rate up until ten years ago. Then all of a sudden there was a dramatic increase in results. At Bejing their cyclists who had not been performing outstandingly won every track cycling gold medal. Completely ridiculous result. Now we are seeing some positive test results for drugs in their top performers.  The United Kingdom has wide spread and Sports Association supported drug cheating. I was watching the news the other day and Sebastian Coe was giving out information about Russian drug cheating. In reality it is his own country that has the most organised drug cheating program in the world.

The worst performance was by India with .004 medals per million. It is amazing to see just how easy it is to cheat and not be caught. Lance Armstrong only got caught by people selling him out. This was under the noses of officials in the most scrutinized event in the world. We will see the Rio Olympics start shortly and for most of the events all we are going to see is who is the best drug cheat. The prizing giving ceremony will the go like this. The winner of the 100 metres goes to Joe Blogs and his team of chemists. Who's ingenious use of steroids has produced a time a half a second faster than the champion mare Starlight. Well done and it is a crying shame you will die aged forty two of an agonising and virulent cancer. We really have grown into a now generation that will be so easy to manipulate in these end times. As far as the Olympic games is concerned, turn it off and watch a Christian TV channel.