And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger

Sermons Classic

      Derek Prince            Then the End shall     come

Charles Spurgeon

God or Self

John Wesley

The Life of.

David Willerson

That Dreadful Day

Desmoind Tutu

Reconciling Love

William Wilberforce Amazing Grace

Jim Baker         The Prosperity Gospel

Watchman Nee

Normal Christian Life

Karl Barth Contemporary Theology

Jonathan Edwards

In Gods Hand

Martin Luther


Charles Finney

Change your Heart

Billy Graham

Who is Jesus

Dwight L Moody

Therefore be Ready

John Paul 11

In Glascow

John Wycliffe

Morning Star

Kenneth Hagan

Faith and Feelings

John Huss


 Dr N Vincent Peale

Best Things in Life

Francis Schaefer

Christian Manifesto

Smith Wigglesworth    Our Infirmities

John Calvin   

Patiences in Affliction

James F Jones 


Thomas Becket


Hudson Taylor

Song of Soloman

John Wimber

Signs and Wonders

Oral Roberts     Faith you already have

Dietrich Bonhoffer

Against Hitler

Charles E Fuller Enoch Walked with God

Martin LloydJones  Attacked by the Devil

A W Tozer

Voice of the Spirit

Jerry Farwell


John G Lake

Trumpet Call

Bill Subritzki


John Newton     The Christian and the Worid

Samuel Davies


Sermons Men

Wayne Alcon


Loren Cunningham

Let’s go Barefoot

Danny Gugliemucci      Best Life Decisions

J D Jakes


John MacArthur

Why integrity Matter

Darren Patrick

Trust God in your pain

Chuck Swindoll

Be Still  Be Quite

David Yonggi Cho

Learn how to Pray

Tudor Bismark

Lord of the Harvest

Mark Driscoll

Ten Commandments

John Hagee

Eight Reasons

John Jenkins

Consider your ways

Don McClure

New Beginnings

Winkie Pratney


Bong Saquing

Jesus unboxed

Tak Bhana

Unanswered Prayer

Paul De Jong

When God

Jack Hayford

A Stiff Neck

David Jeremiah

Chaotic World

Chuck Missler

Hidden Treasures

Joseph Prince

Prepare Yourself

Paul Washer

Be alone with God

Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger

James Dobson

Faith Series

David Hermandez

False Gospels

Rick Joiner

Prophetic Update

Robert Morris

Why Keep Praying

Adrian Rodgers

In a Pagan World

Chris Vallotton

Covenent Relationship

Francis Chan

Living Eternally

Tony Evans

Armour of God

Brian Houston

An Overcoming Spirit

Patriach Kirill

Godless Christians

Ransom Mumba

Right Thinking

Andy Stanley

Intimacy with God

Nick Vujicic

No worries

Ray Comfort

Hells Best Kept Secret

Franklin Graham


Chuck Ingram

The Real God

Greg Laurie

Spiritual Growth

Mario Murillo

Sunday Morning

Charles Stanley

Watch, when all is well

Ravi Zacharias

Da Truth

Sermons Women

Kay Arthur

When Hurt runs Deep

Kathern Kuhlman

The Presents of God

Barbara Brown Taylor   Lukewarmness

Anne Graham Lotz

Heaven is our Home

June Hunt


Holly Wagner

Being a Know it all

Teresia Wairimu

Transformed Women

Christine Caine

Marvelous Faith

Joice Meyer

Forgive Me God

Bernice King

Womans Day

Corrie Ten Boom

Gods perfect Logistics

Lisa Chan

Christ Centred