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How Google controls your mind.

Corberts Reports look at the Federal Reserve is a look at all central banks. Their responsibility in wars and financial  shocks that have caused so much of the misery of the last century.

Brian Taylor
 With Aaron Ironside

If you Ignore the impending collapse of the banking system the worse problem with the world today in the Intelligence community. They have been around for centuries but during the second world war they jumped to a new level of power. They were not afraid to murder General Patton. When the cold war started they grew and grew beyond the power of any one Government. Once the Cold war was over there was no longer any use for them but there power was extreme. These days they go around causing trouble to justify there awful existence. Wickedest on the planet.

Globalisation is dead. long live the New World order.

If Globalism is dead it will not be dead for long watch for how it arises again. The point of Globalism is to create a safe place for the super elite to live completely above the law. From these people we get the concepts of useless eater and the deplorables. The Corbert report reminds us just how the workings of evil plays out.

Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray talk about Identity and Politics of the whole LGBT movement. You will find it hard to believe the people say the things they do on this subject. Especially with  the attack on children and the things they are doing to children. Both men are very articulate and express the views clearly and with humour.

The Douma Hoax.

The Corbert report does a good job of the use of false flag events He uses the Douma Hoax as an the main part of the story. The propose of false flags is to get the population to believe some problem that can only be solve be the act that they want to do. These range from war events such as talked about in this video to internal events such as some of the school shootings in the USA and even the mosque shooting in Christchurch New Zealand

What ever happened to right and wrong.

This not meant as a philological debate but a sermon. However, the way  this is put together makes it a message that is the story of what we see in the world today. Will not quite today as we have moved on now to calling good evil and evil good. If you are not a Christian it is not preachy but informative.

This is not a video about the impeachment of Trump. This is all about the collapse of the American Political and justice systems. How the standards and norms of how the different groups interact. The ethical norms that are not written down but how you must behave for government can operate. If you need rules for every little thing government can not operate. How Schiff is destroying the system. Very scary really.

When Australian house prices collapses then the banks will go down and these banks are the same banks that operate in New Zealand. That makes this video the suitable of Aussies and Kiwis.

We are all starting to see that corporate media is all fake news. In New Zealand the main News outlets would not have had one article that is true or crossly distraughted for at least 10 years. Here is a good video  showing just how they do it.

This impeachment is destroying the Democratic Party. They would rather do that to stop all the crime with the Ukraine being exposed. The whole Russiagate farce was to stop the Uranium One crimes being prosecuted. Interesting video.

I watch a lot of British comedy shows such as Mock The Week. Often they make jokes accusing the Royal family of killing Diana. Diana was murdered because she started writing a book about how paedophilia was rife in the royal family. Charles was closely associated with Jimmy Saville. Prince Phillip was the most often accused but now we know the most likely person responsible for her murder. Prince Andrew who has had  more rumours talked about than all the others put together. Remember that if cameras happen to be turned off when a death takes place the they are murdered.

Benjamin Fulford is an unusual character.

The subjects he covers and the angles he looks at the stories is unique. He has in the past held very important media positions with large magazines. Either he has lost his marbles or what he says is close to the truth. He does seem genuine. Unlike  people like David Ike who tell what is close to the truth. then he adds in the the truly whackadoodle thing like lizard men and aliens. What he is trying to do is make you make these real problems seem like crazy talk.

How I was Trafficked.


We have had this type of videos focusing on the sex trafficking before. These stories are always heart breaking and quite unnerving. Young Courtney articulates her story and the problem in general very well. The story is not one of some poor broken girl but of a young woman that suffered from brainwashing.

Due to serve time constraints I am finding it hard to keep up with the videos. Here are a new batch of interesting subjects.


National ID cards for USA are coming. The driving force behind it is to try and get honest elections in the USA. However, there are a lot of side effects to these cards which are very scary indeed. Watch and learn.

Why does Joseph Stalin Matter?


If we look back at history we can see the events that led to these archetype dictators rise and the events that preceded them. We are seeing them rise again today and should be very concerned. Totalitarianism is on the rise. These laws restricting free speech and the removal of guns from the citizens. The removal of guns is so the citizens can not defend themselves against governments. Stalin matters because we can learn from history.