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Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come,and worship him who made heaven and earth









 With Aaron Ironside
Brian Taylor

Brexit is going ahead which will bring about the end of Daniels third beast and the rise of the forth beast or the beast of Revelation 13. Boris went to Eaton with so many of the people who are trying to stop Brexit. I wonder what happened in those days that put Boris on such a collision course with his former compatriots. What a disaster for Germany that this really important market for their exports will become difficult. This is at a time where the US/China trade war is having a noticeable effect on the exports.

There is a lot of complaining about how the countries of Europe are getting poorer and poorer. How the Euro has done this is explained in this video. Why any country would have taken on the Euro when it guaranteed the collapse in your economy. This was not had to see so why did the Europeans do this. What levels of corruption within the politicians is there. There is a way out and that is to let the banks go under but in stead of a bail in change the law to do with the shares or the owners. You change the law so the share holders are up for the debts. Exempting the retirement funds. It is a bit long but very helpful.

Australia the lucky country?

They are stuck with a terrible dilemma with their two major parties. On one hand they have a radical socialist party. A Neo Marxist group who want a socialist totalitarian government which always ends in poverty, Gulags an mass murder ie USSR. The other hand  a government that is little more than employees of a banking elite. The bank system has shot itself and will not survive the coming collapse. Not unless it enslaves the population. Sco Mo has started the enslavement.

Honk Kong Explained with Stefan Molynuex


There is a lot of video coming out  about the protests in Hong Kong. Much of it biased with the "agenda" beginning the driver. Stefan has a chat with a person living in Hong Kong to give us a better picture of what is going on.. Like most things it starts with a small incident and escalates out of control. It shows China for what it is.

Why we might not be alone in the universe.

How often have you heard the argument with there being billions upon billions of stars in the universe it is impossible to there not being intelligent life in the universe. This is an argument that says it is not as straight forward as you might think. This argument does not even take into account that if you get even a small amount away from the condition we live under. How big and what type of sun generate our energy. The distance the earth is from the sun and the complexed relationship we have with the moon. Cool Worlds channel has lots of great videos.

Ten things you should know about Socialism.

We have a long history of people developing socialist societies falling. In fact there are no successful cases and Communism was a failure with tens of millions dead. So why do we still have groups hell bent of creating the societies again. The lure of the power people get when they rise to the top. Women are drawn to socialism because it is similar to the nest building instincts all women have.

Boris Johnson the enigma.

Normally when a politician has been through the amount of scandals  that Boris has been through they would be consigned to to history.  Bungles, affairs and bold face lying rising again and again. Before he was Mayor of London he was a joke for being caught in sexual scandals. However, he seems to be Teflon coated and is now Prime Minister of the UK. The man for the moment? Or all just more lying.

Alexander Solzhenitzyn wrote a book the Gulag Archipelago for which one a Noble Prize. If he was alive today and saw the rise of the Neo Marxists and the new Gulag systems that will leave hundreds of million dead. With wars and revolutions everywhere. We will once again see the mass slaughter of our youth. We will hear the sound of the death march and the last post mourning on the wind. The sound of the guns and shells and cries of pain as the young men die in no man's land. How no man's land lasts forever and you can see that in the WW1 graveyards of France. He would weep. The truth will set you free.