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The Red, Black and Green (Pale) Horseman

To understand the Horseman we need to understand who the horsemen are. The coloured horsemen appear in first not in Revelations but in Zechariah 1. Red, Green and White Horsemen who have a roll to patrolled the earth seeing that everything was at peace. Whether singularity or as a team of horses they are fulfilling a roll that is the same as in Revelations. In Zechariah the third Horse is definitely Green and the Black horse does not get a mention. The White Rider is covered in its own essay. He is the first of the riders to appear. He appeared in the eighteen forties and his roll was the destruction of Christianity. However this essay is about the other Horsemen........More

 With Aaron Ironside
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God Gave Us One Life To Live. What Impact Are You Making With Yours?

I’ve been engaging with four very large biographies. “In Light of Eternity: Leonard Ravenhill,” “Just As I Am: Billy Graham’s autobiography,” “DL Moody: A Life,” and “Dream Big: The Henrietta Mears Story.” Along with some other reading, including anything I can get my hands on by Francis Schaeffer, and Jerry Bridges, this has made up the bulk of my reading time.....MORE


billboard depicting evangelist Greg Laurie holding a Bible removed from California mall

Billboards depicting US evangelist Greg Laurie holding up a Bible - used to advertise an upcoming SoCal Harvest outreach event - have been removed from a shopping mall in southern California. CBN News reports that the ads, which featured an image of Laurie holding up the Bible - which has no words or a cross upon it, were removed after the Irvine Company -.......more

As New Zealand’s largest parenting organisation – reaching over 300,000 families every year – they are passionate about walking alongside parents and young people, recognising that every relationship grows stronger with support, encouragement and nurture. The Parenting Place have volunteers in communities all over New Zealand who organise events, facilitate and host Toolbox parenting groups and give generously. There wide range of programmes and services throughout the country are supported from offices in Auckland and Christchurch. The website has a lot of resources that are available to parents across the world with the aid of the internet. The site is clear and easy to use. A top resource.

Into Thy Word is a comprehensive site for studying the word. It has it origins in the Francis Schaeffer ministries. A man with profound understanding of the word of God. It provides not only study guides but study methods and Bible reading plans. There is something for everyone. The resources are suitable for new Christians through to the most mature Christians. The web site is easy to use with easy to follow titles. It also has a book store  where Francis Schaeffer books are available. There is also a forum page for those who wish to discuss subjects of interest in depth with follow Christians. A wonderful resource.

Bible Gateway is one of the most comprehensive site dealing with the various aspects of a Bible site. Not only can you find a comprehensive range of Bibles you can find them in many languages. You can look up a verse or track the subject down by topic. You can find study subjects. The site is easy to to navigate. It does not provide a method to navigate by mouse only but with a small amount of typing you can get where you want to go. It has an excellent app for your phone and I use it all the time to lesson to the bible.One of the best sites around.

What a great resource Bible History is. There is a tremendous range of  subject matter. Support for the Bible student and interesting reading for the browser. As a person who's profession is Sports Turf Management it may seem a little dry. However the person who spent three years studying sport turf management  can lose many hours browsing the information provided. I can recommend this site to all how study the word of God.


Miracles of Sts. Sergius of Radonezh and Seraphim of Sarov in Pakistan

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, June 10, 2018 was a milestone for the Russian Orthodox Church in Pakistan, as many faithful shared the testimony of their strong faith and spiritual communion with the saints of the Russian land, Eastern Orthodox Church and Church Fathers.....More