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 With Aaron Ironside

Worst season for Crops on record


As the new mini ice age starts to show itself with record colds and wets in the USA and Europe the effects are starting to be seen. Remember this is just the beginning and it is going to get far worse. Some people are going to die in huge numbers. The poor, homeless and the unwanted migrants that have arrived in the USA. This is going to be particularly bad for the Arab and African migrants in Europe. They should be getting back home.


SILVER supply/demand CRUCH


The story of silver is a strange one. The price should be much higher but it can not go there because it will collapse the futures and derivative markets. However, supply has become non existent for the most part. A train wreck for some but the opportunity to make a killing for others. The best part is that there is next to no risk. For Christians investing in silver it is something to batter with when you can't buy and sell during the tribulation.

Americans are Historically Illiterate.

If we do not learn for history we are doomed to repeat it. Is a famous saying by philosopher George Santayana. Today we have a mad dash top rewrite history in order to promote various agendas. This will not come free of charge and the consequences could be disastrous beyond our belief.