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How Google controls your mind.

Corberts Reports look at the Federal Reserve is a look at all central banks. Their responsibility in wars and financial  shocks that have caused so much of the misery of the last century.

Brian Taylor

Rights of the Fathers


One of the side effects of our current anti male society is the damage that is done to the children of broken marriages. This is a short video but covers some of the issues in a very real way.

How Big Tech is Manipulating us.


I have been repeating this story a lot lately. It is the greatest treat to freedom over the whole world at the moment. if we want to do something about it we should just turn off Google. A lot of the other search engines are not great none of the are as aggressive at the anti social behaviour.  Want to keep yourself safe? Remove Google for as many things as possible. This is a little easier said than done.

The use of polls to try an influence the outcome of elections has been known for some time. When use see headlines saying the the pollsters have got it wrong. They were not wrong just trying to change the result. Over the last couple of decades we have seen a greater malevolence in the use of polls. The people who own the media are the same people who own the parties. They put out poll results and the results are what they want. Then they get the election results and change them to what they have been forecast to the poll results. every thing looks fine. this changing of results has been done in New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and France in recent times.

The title CNN is finally finished.


This title is overstating the situation. CNN is just a tool of the super rich in its oppression of the average person. There is endless money behind them and having to make money or even have much of an audience is of no significance. Most Americans have known fore some time that the news they put out is garbage. However, in New Zealand where we have no free media the propaganda they put out as news is the only news we get here. This is leading us into a bleak dystopian future that we can see unfolding on our TV screens every night.

 With Aaron Ironside

I have heard two competing veiws on Merkel. The first is that Hermut Kohl liked to have her around because she was from East Germany and good for votes. She could talk well but useless otherwise. By sheer chance she ended up in the job as a kind of not hated by any section of the party. She never understood how things worked and went from mistake to mistake. Eventually wrecking the economy. The other was that she had been recruited by the KGB and was always a Russian agent from her University days. That she was not incompetent but new the policies she was following would wreck the EU.

Genetic Sequencing of Common Vaccine Finds Entire Male Genome From Aborted Human Baby

Vaccines are routinely formulated with

aborted human fetal cells known as MRC-5

 and WI-38. The CDC openly lists some

of the vaccines that use these “human

diploid” cells, including Twinrix (Hep A /

Hep B), ProQuad (MMRV) and Varivax

(Varicella / chicken pox). FDA-published

vaccine insert sheets such as this one for

Varivax also openly admit to the use of

aborted human fetal cell lines such as



This story is reported on by Mike Adams from Natural News.


The profound evil that is the vaccine industry is almost unbelievable. When you finally get the concepts of what they have done into your thinking suddenly something else comes along.  Take a deep breath before you start reading this. There is a video but it is on Brighteon and I haven't worked it out yet. Hopefully I well have a lot of there videos that can be reached through whatofthenight

Ali Alexander and the Culture War


Once upon a time everyone was stereotyped. Young ,black, Christian and free thinking Ali is an unusual person. Intelligent and articulate the ideas he expresses are a breath of fresh air in a world of ideological pollution.



Using "Climate change " to enslave us.


This video gives us a reminder of how destroyed the Carbon climate warming science has been destroyed. How the UN figures have become a thing out of a fantasy world. This has caused a highly emotive display of children  like young Greta  to combat the loss of the science battle. The video shows how Greta has handlers and scripts. She suffers from autism which is highly likely to have been caused by vaccines.

Remainers unable to derail Brexit

The Brexit situation is very fluid. What Boris is going to do is anyone's guess. This video keeps us up to date as best as possible. Why is Boris so confident that if necessary he can leave without a deal? If I was Boris I would have made a deal with one of the EU countries to not approve an extension. It will only take one country to not agree.

The Democrats impeachment.


There is not a lot real evidence to force an impeachment. They had to change the law to allow this information to come out. What is the real reason this is going on.. Is it a hit job on Biden? Maybe it is a scheme like the Russiagate. By doing that they were able to cover up the Uranium One scandal. What is going to come out of this scandal that the Democrats have to cover up. Three others are all ready being dragged into the scandal.

Dumbing Down America The dumbing down and the brain washing of our children is a world wide phenomenon. It is hard to get statistics on reading standards is hard to come by.. The American figures are stunning. This poor little girl who they dressed up as Pippy Longstockingis a good example of how children are under attack by brain washing. Young Greta Thumberg claimed that Governments are robbing her of her future. That claim clearly goes to some awful parents.

Debunking a Century of War Lies.


This is a video of the false flag events that were used to start or enter into wars. You have probably heard some of these events before. Now watch a whole list of this events. This will be a little disturbing for those who have not heard any of these stories.

For my Christian viewers this is a little crude.

Mock the Week is a very cleaver panel show with some of the UK's best comics. This is an older show and the subject matter is out of date. However, given these issues this show is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched .